Expanded Wire-Wound Power Inductor Line with 2.8mm Height Devices

6 x 6mm NR6028 Series adds even more design flexibility to company's selection of inductors for DC-DC converter choke-coil applications in flat panel displays

Taiyo Yuden announces the NR6028 Series of 6mm x 6mm x 2.8 mm height (max) wire-wound power inductors for DC-DC converter choke coil applications in LCD / plasma TVs and other flat panel displays (FPDs). The 13 models in the NR6028 Series offer an excellent selection of low DC resistance (0.013 - 0.6 Ohms), high inductance (0.9 - 100 µH), high current ratings (0.62 - 6.6 A) and improved performance versus previous company models. The NR6028-100M device, for example, provides 36% higher rated current at 10µH inductance. The NR6028 series broadens the company's line of 6 x 6 mm wire-wound power inductors which now includes an even greater selection of maximum height dimensions offering unprecedented design flexibility for a wide range of market needs.

Compared to earlier models, the latest FPDs include many more IC chips in the I/O, image processing and information processing circuits. Each IC chip typically includes its own power supply circuit to more efficiently use power and to lower overall consumption as much as possible. Such ICs require costly multi-layer boards that have grown larger due to more power supply circuits, a factor that has also driven up FPD prices. This has resulted in higher demand for choke coils (the main component in DC-DC converters) with higher current capacity, lower DC resistance (RDC) and smaller physical size.

EMC Applications

Wire-Wound Power Inductors

Manufacturer Part Number Description Available Quantity Datasheets
NR6028T0R9N FIXED IND 900NH 4.6A 16.9 MOHM 2966
NR6028T1R5N FIXED IND 1.5UH 4.2A 20.8 MOHM 14949
NR6028T2R2N FIXED IND 2.2UH 3.7A 26 MOHM SMD 77671
NR6028T3R0N FIXED IND 3UH 3.4A 29.9 MOHM SMD 48339
NR6028T4R7M FIXED IND 4.7UH 3A 40.3 MOHM SMD 121379
NR6028T6R0M FIXED IND 6UH 2.5A 52 MOHM SMD 7705
NR6028T100M FIXED IND 10UH 1.9A 84.5 MOHM 16767
NR6028T220M FIXED IND 22UH 1.4A 175.5 MOHM 35672
NR6028T470M FIXED IND 47UH 920MA 390 MOHM 22425
NR6028T101M FIXED IND 100UH 660MA 780 MOHM 21067