2700/2700T Series Surface-Mount Inductors

Murata Power Solutions' range of ultra-low-profile, surface-mount power inductors

The 2700/2700T series is a range of ultra-low-profile, surface-mount power inductors. They are designed for use in power applications with restricted height, such as handheld devices, DC/DC converters, and notebook computers. The products are supplied in tape-and-reel for high-volume, automated surface-mount assembly.

Magnetics Products Offering Surface Mount Power Inductors Overview
  • RoHS compliant
  • Up to 1.6 A IDC 4.7 μH to 1 mH - 2700 Series
  • Up to 2.0 A IDC 1.0 μH to 330 μH - 2700T Series
  • Low RDC
  • Ultra-low profile
  • UL 94V-0 packaging materials
  • J-STD-020D reflow
  • Custom inductance values available

2700 Series

Manufacturer Part Number Description Available Quantity Datasheets
27472C INDUCTOR 4.7UH 1.6A SMD 3547
27682C INDUCTOR 6.8UH 1.4A SMD 2482
27103C INDUCTOR 10UH 1.1A SMD 2450
27153C INDUCTOR 15UH 0.9A SMD 2497
27223C INDUCTOR 22UH 0.75A SMD 2493
27333C INDUCTOR 33UH 0.6A SMD 2495
27473C INDUCTOR 47UH 0.5A SMD 2500
27683C INDUCTOR 68UH 0.42A SMD 2500
27104C INDUCTOR 100UH 0.35A SMD 2456
27154C INDUCTOR 150UH 0.28A SMD 2225
27224C INDUCTOR 220UH 0.24A SMD 2500
27334C INDUCTOR 330UH 0.19A SMD 2500
27474C INDUCTOR 470UH 0.16A SMD 2490
27684C INDUCTOR 680UH 0.14A SMD 2495
27105C INDUCTOR 1000UH 0.11A SMD 2326

2700T Series

Manufacturer Part Number Description Available Quantity Datasheets
27T102C INDUCTOR 1.0UH 2.0A SMD 2440
27T152C INDUCTOR 1.5UH 1.6A SMD 3500
27T222C INDUCTOR 2.2UH 1.4A SMD 3500
27T332C INDUCTOR 3.3UH 1.2A SMD 3500
27T472C INDUCTOR 4.7UH 1.0A SMD 3406
27T682C INDUCTOR 6.8UH 0.85A SMD 3500
27T103C INDUCTOR 10.0UH 0.70A SMD 3320
27T153C INDUCTOR 15UH 0.60A SMD 3470
27T223C INDUCTOR 22UH 0.50A SMD 3480
27T333C INDUCTOR 33UH 0.40A SMD 3490
27T473C INDUCTOR 47UH 0.32A SMD 3480
27T683C INDUCTOR 68UH 0.28A SMD 3490
27T104C INDUCTOR 100UH 0.23A SMD 3465
27T154C INDUCTOR 150UH 0.17A SMD 3488
27T224C INDUCTOR 220UH 0.15A SMD 3355
27T334C INDUCTOR 330UH 0.13A SMD 3474