1593HAM Series Development Board Enclosures

Modified plastic enclosures for development boards from Hammond Manufacturing

Hammond Manufacturing’s design-specific molded enclosures support the new types of credit-card-sized, low-cost bare-board computers, which typically run Linux and provide basic functionality across a wide range of applications. Although broadly similar in size and shape, there are inevitable differences in the positioning of I/O, power, and expansion ports on each design. Hammond’s enclosures, derived from its popular 1593 family, are available in translucent blue, grey or black, and each version is configured for the particular design of board, with machined slots, cutouts, and apertures in the cover and end panels. In some variants, the covers are molded with the required access points. The new format of development boards are aimed at both professional developers and hobbyists.

Initially, the supported computers are the Arduino™ Uno, Due and Mega, the Beaglebone and Beaglebone Black, and the Freescale Freedom. Enclosures for the Arduino Tre and Intel Galileo are in development and will be available soon. In such a fast-moving environment, new versions are regularly being added to support additional development board designs as they are introduced.

The enclosures provide good protection for the board themselves, and have dedicated access positions for external connectivity such as Ethernet, USB and serial ports.

  • Machined from Hammond’s popular 1593 series plastic enclosures
  • Machined to accept popular development boards - choose from the Arduino Uno, Arduino Due, Arduino Mega 2560, Beaglebone, Beaglebone Black, Freescale Freedom KL-05Z, Freescale Freedom KL-02Z, or Freescale Freedom KL-25Z
  • Molded in a choice of black, grey, or translucent blue general-purpose ABS plastic with a satin texture
  • Enclosure is machined to allow access to I/O connectors and often-used controls and/or LEDS
  • Enclosure is secured with self-tapping screws
  • Black and translucent blue plastic enclosures include black screws: grey plastic enclosures include nickel-finish screws
  • Includes four self-adhesive rubber feet and instruction sheet
  • Development boards are not included

1593HAM Enclosures

Manufacturer Part Number Description Available Quantity Datasheets
1593HAMBONEBK BOX ABS 3.75X3.04X1.18" BLACK 0
1593HAMBONETBU BOX ABS 3.75X3.04X1.18" BLUE 31
1593HAMDOGBK BOX ABS 3.75X3.04X1.18" BLACK 12
1593HAMDOGTBU BOX ABS 3.75X3.04X1.18" BLUE 14
1593HAMDUETBU BOX ABS 4.38X2.95X0.99" BLUE 5
1593HAMFREE1BK BOX ABS 3.63X2.61X1.10" BLACK 8
1593HAMFREE1TBU BOX ABS 3.63X2.61X1.10" BLUE 14
1593HAMFREE2BK BOX ABS 3.63X2.61X1.10" BLACK 8
1593HAMFREE2TBU BOX ABS 3.63X2.61X1.10" BLUE 7
1593HAMMEGATBU BOX ABS 4.38X2.95X0.99" BLUE 2
1593HAMUNOTBU BOX ABS 4.38X2.95X0.99" BLUE 16