0.30 mm (.012") Backflip™ Easy-On™ FPC Connectors

Molex's 502598 dual-contact FPC connectors designed for overall compact features

Molex's 0.30 mm pitch dual-contact FPC connector offers the most compact dimensions of any equivalent competitive version, while eliminating the need to source a top- and bottom-style connector when routing FPC to parallel boards.

Molex developed its 502598 dual-contact FPC connector for consumer applications, such as digital still cameras, requiring overall compact features. Designers for these applications were also looking for a dual-contact version that would enable them to source a single connector and utilize the same PCB pattern on adjoining parallel PCBs. Molex's 502598 solutions meet these needs and more.

Molex offers another 0.30 mm pitch dual-contact version with a lower profile, series 502250, which is ideal for ultra-thin applications such as certain cell phone designs. However, the 502598 FPC connectors offer a shorter depth than the 502250 version and other similar competitive versions, and are suitable for applications needing an overall compact size.

Molex's dual-contact design eliminates the need for different top- and bottom-mount connectors. Compact depth, height, and width offer space savings for mobile devices and tight-packaging applications. Movable contacts help to maintain secure and stable connections even when the cable is pulled upward. The Backflip™ actuator with short latch makes for easy cabin insertion, actuations, and additional space savings. Front-wide solder tabs secure PCB retention and protection for solder joints.

BackFlip™, Easy-On™ 502598

Manufacturer Part Number Description Available Quantity Datasheets
5025982593 CONN FPC 25POS 0.30MM R/A 2716
5025982793 CONN FPC 27POS 0.30MM R/A 4875
5025983393 CONN FPC 33POS 0.30MM R/A 4487
5025983993 CONN FPC 39POS 0.30MM R/A 4054
5025984593 CONN FPC 45POS 0.30MM R/A 1273
5025982393 CONN FPC 23POS 0.30MM R/A 3435