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Digi-Key Part Number 744-1270-ND
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1 37.73000 37.73
5 35.04000 175.20
10 33.69000 336.90
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Manufacturer Standard Lead Time 5 Weeks
Manufacturer Part Number


Description BOARD EVAL FOR CVCO55 .5"X.5"
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) 1 (Unlimited)

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Datasheets CEVAL-033,055
Product Photos VCO-Eval
Design Resources Development Tool Selector
Standard Package ? 1

Programmers, Development Systems


Evaluation and Demonstration Boards and Kits

Series -
Main Purpose Timing, Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO)
Embedded No
Utilized IC / Part CVCO55 0.5"x 0.5"
Primary Attributes DC to 6GHz Frequency Range
Secondary Attributes Gold Plated SMA Female Connectors
Supplied Contents Board
Online Catalog CVC055 Evaluation Board
Associated Product
744-1129-ND - OSC VCO 2100-2200MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1164-ND - OSC VCO 42-46MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1198-ND - OSC VCO 925-970MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1184-ND - OSC VCO 200-400MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1181-ND - OSC VCO 60-110MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1115-ND - OSC VCO 1530-2700MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1114-ND - OSC VCO 1480-1600MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1073-ND - OSC VCO 800-1600MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1204-ND - OSC VCO 140-250MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1208-ND - OSC VCO 500-1000MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1165-ND - OSC VCO 45-70MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1174-ND - OSC VCO 490-540MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1175-ND - OSC VCO 600-880MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1186-ND - OSC VCO 305-345MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1197-ND - OSC VCO 902-928MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1177-ND - OSC VCO 805-900MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1183-ND - OSC VCO 150-200MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1182-ND - OSC VCO 72-76MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1187-ND - OSC VCO 370-450MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1112-ND - OSC VCO 1000-1500MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1071-ND - OSC VCO 400-800MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1098-ND - OSC VCO 2100-2300MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1076-ND - OSC VCO 1400-1624MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1080-ND - OSC VCO 1550-2500MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1075-ND - OSC VCO 1200-2300MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1081-ND - OSC VCO 1600-2700MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1111-ND - OSC VCO 1000-2000MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1205-ND - OSC VCO 250-450MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1206-ND - OSC VCO 250-500MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1207-ND - OSC VCO 400-800MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1132-ND - OSC VCO 2130-2360MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1210-ND - OSC VCO 4100-4300MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1100-ND - OSC VCO 2300-2450MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1196-ND - OSC VCO 800-980MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1090-ND - OSC VCO 1785-1900MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1087-ND - OSC VCO 1750-2150MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1140-ND - OSC VCO 2430-2585MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1178-ND - OSC VCO 920-980MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1166-ND - OSC VCO 180-200MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1167-ND - OSC VCO 184-190MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1168-ND - OSC VCO 225-425MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1169-ND - OSC VCO 260-285MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1170-ND - OSC VCO 350-405MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1171-ND - OSC VCO 393-428MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1172-ND - OSC VCO 467-493MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1173-ND - OSC VCO 470-520MHZ SMD .5X.5"
CVCO55BE-0325-0775-ND - OSC VCO 325-775MHZ SMD .5X.5"
CVCO55BE-0510-0790-ND - OSC VCO 510-790MHZ SMD .5X.5"
CVCO55-602125-ND - OSC VCO 0500-1000MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1176-ND - OSC VCO 640-690MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1185-ND - OSC VCO 209-277MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1188-ND - OSC VCO 434-452MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1189-ND - OSC VCO 450-470MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1190-ND - OSC VCO 482-498MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1191-ND - OSC VCO 535-560MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1192-ND - OSC VCO 575-675MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1193-ND - OSC VCO 600-660MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1194-ND - OSC VCO 680-720MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1195-ND - OSC VCO 760-860MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1199-ND - OSC VCO 1100-1200MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1200-ND - OSC VCO 1165-1175MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1201-ND - OSC VCO 1188-1212MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1202-ND - OSC VCO 1360-1380MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1180-ND - OSC VCO 1256-1264MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1203-ND - OSC VCO 902-928MHZ SMD .5X.5"
CVCO55CL-0655-0730-ND - OSC VCO 655-730MHZ SMD .5X.5"
CVCO55CL-0830-0970-ND - OSC VCO 830-970MHZ SMD .5X.5"
CVCO55CL-1030-1090-ND - OSC VCO 1030-1090MHZ SMD .5X.5"
CVCO55CL-1073-1086-ND - OSC VCO 1073-1086MHZ SMD .5X.5"
CVCO55CL-1090-1145-ND - OSC VCO 1090-1145MHZ SMD .5X.5"
CVCO55CL-1220-1490-ND - OSC VCO 1220-1490MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1072-ND - OSC VCO 510-770MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1074-ND - OSC VCO 1100-2100MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1077-ND - OSC VCO 1440-1670MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1078-ND - OSC VCO 1520-1635MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1079-ND - OSC VCO 1550-2050MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1082-ND - OSC VCO 1640-1840MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1083-ND - OSC VCO 1650-1850MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1084-ND - OSC VCO 1650-2050MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1085-ND - OSC VCO 1650-2150MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1086-ND - OSC VCO 1660-1760MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1088-ND - OSC VCO 1770-1830MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1089-ND - OSC VCO 1775-1845MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1091-ND - OSC VCO 1820-2100MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1092-ND - OSC VCO 1845-1877MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1093-ND - OSC VCO 1896-1924MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1094-ND - OSC VCO 1900-2762MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1095-ND - OSC VCO 1930-2400MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1096-ND - OSC VCO 2060-2300MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1097-ND - OSC VCO 2074-2284MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1099-ND - OSC VCO 2250-2290MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1101-ND - OSC VCO 2300-2575MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1102-ND - OSC VCO 2495-2625MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1103-ND - OSC VCO 2550-2570MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1104-ND - OSC VCO 2600-2900MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1110-ND - OSC VCO 960-1200MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1113-ND - OSC VCO 1350-1400MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1116-ND - OSC VCO 1550-1650MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1117-ND - OSC VCO 1630-1665MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1118-ND - OSC VCO 1658-1662MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1119-ND - OSC VCO 1680-1740MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1120-ND - OSC VCO 1690-2062MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1121-ND - OSC VCO 1750-1810MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1122-ND - OSC VCO 1800-2200MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1123-ND - OSC VCO 1848-1852MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1124-ND - OSC VCO 1930-1990MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1125-ND - OSC VCO 1950-2070MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1126-ND - OSC VCO 1950-2150MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1127-ND - OSC VCO 2000-2800MHZ SMD .5X.5"
CVCO55BE-1600-1850-ND - OSC VCO 1600-1850MHZ SMD .5X.5"
CVCO55BE-1910-2010-ND - OSC VCO 1910-2010MHZ SMD .5X.5"
CVCO55BE-2400-2650-ND - OSC VCO 2400-2650MHZ SMD .5X.5"
CVCO55BE-2490-2530-ND - OSC VCO 2490-2530MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1128-ND - OSC VCO 2050-2474MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1130-ND - OSC VCO 2110-2170MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1131-ND - OSC VCO 2130-2220MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1133-ND - OSC VCO 2200-2570MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1134-ND - OSC VCO 2270-2330MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1135-ND - OSC VCO 2270-3180MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1136-ND - OSC VCO 2300-2360MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1137-ND - OSC VCO 2300-2500MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1138-ND - OSC VCO 2400-2670MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1139-ND - OSC VCO 2425-2820MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1141-ND - OSC VCO 2475-2900MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1179-ND - OSC VCO 954-980MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1142-ND - OSC VCO 2560-2920MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1143-ND - OSC VCO 2560-3200MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1144-ND - OSC VCO 2600-3100MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1145-ND - OSC VCO 2620-2910MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1146-ND - OSC VCO 2650-2700MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1147-ND - OSC VCO 2650-2800MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1148-ND - OSC VCO 2675-2950MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1149-ND - OSC VCO 2700-3275MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1150-ND - OSC VCO 2732-3120MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1151-ND - OSC VCO 2865-3100MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1152-ND - OSC VCO 2900-3100MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1153-ND - OSC VCO 2900-3273MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1154-ND - OSC VCO 2900-3300MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1155-ND - OSC VCO 2974-3274MHZ SMD .5X.5"
CVCO55-602122-ND - OSC VCO 1500-2600MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1156-ND - OSC VCO 3000-3100MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1158-ND - OSC VCO 3050-3400MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1159-ND - OSC VCO 3070-3325MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1160-ND - OSC VCO 3100-3350MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1161-ND - OSC VCO 3130-3230MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1162-ND - OSC VCO 3206-3306MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1163-ND - OSC VCO 3245-3500MHZ SMD .5X.5"
CVCO55BE-3200-3400-ND - OSC VCO 3200-3400MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1105-ND - OSC VCO 3020-3050MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1106-ND - OSC VCO 3025-3125MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1107-ND - OSC VCO 3150-3250MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1108-ND - OSC VCO 3350-3500MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1109-ND - OSC VCO 3430-3480MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1157-ND - OSC VCO 3020-3265MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1211-ND - OSC VCO 5256-5356MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1212-ND - OSC VCO 5450-5550MHZ SMD .5X.5"
744-1209-ND - OSC VCO 3600-3800MHZ SMD .5X.5"
Other Names 744-1270
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