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Digi-Key Part Number283-2603-ND
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Lead Free Status / RoHS StatusLead free / RoHS Compliant

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FUSE CLIP CARTRIDGE 500V 15A PCB | BK/1A5018-10-R | 283-2603-ND | Digi-Key Corp.

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Datasheets 1Azzzz Series
Product Photos 1A5018 Series
Product Training Modules Selecting Fuses - Simple Procedures for Proper Overcurrent Protection of DC-DC Converters
Standard Package ? 1,000
CategoryCircuit Protection
Fuseholder TypeClip
Fuse TypeCartridge
For Use With/Related Products5mm Dia
Fuse Size5mm Dia
Number of Circuits1
Current Rating15A
Mounting TypePCB
Termination StyleSolder Lug
Contact MaterialSpring Bronze
Contact FinishTin
Dynamic Catalog1Axxxx Series
For Use With
283-2918-ND - FUSE 4A 250V T-LEG GLASS GMD
283-2904-ND - FUSE 8A 125V T-LEG GLASS GMC
283-2905-ND - FUSE 10A 125V T-LEG GLASS GMC
283-2937-ND - FUSE 10A 250V T-LAG GLASS S506
283-2935-ND - FUSE 8A 250V T-LAG CERM S505
283-2934-ND - FUSE SLOW 250VAC 6.3A 5X20
283-2933-ND - FUSE 5A 250V T-LAG CERM S505
283-2927-ND - FUSE 500MA 250V T-LAG CERM S505
283-2932-ND - FUSE 4A 250V T-LAG CERM S505
283-2931-ND - FUSE 3.15A 250V T-LAG CERM S505
283-2930-ND - FUSE 2A 250V T-LAG CERM S505
283-2929-ND - FUSE 2.5A 250V T-LAG CERM S505
283-2928-ND - FUSE 1A 250V T-LAG CERM S505
283-2936-ND - FUSE 10A 250V T-LAG CERM S505
283-2911-ND - FUSE 750MA 250V T-LAG GLASS GMD
283-2910-ND - FUSE 500MA 250V T-LAG GLASS GMD
283-2917-ND - FUSE 3A 250V T-LAG GLASS GMD
283-2909-ND - FUSE 315MA 250V T-LAG GLASS GMD
283-2915-ND - FUSE 2A 250V T-LAG GLASS GMD
283-2908-ND - FUSE 250MA 250V T-LAG GLASS GMD
283-2916-ND - FUSE 2.5A 250V T-LAG GLASS GMD
283-2912-ND - FUSE 1A 250V T-LAG GLASS GMD
283-2907-ND - FUSE 150MA 250V T-LAG GLASS GMD
283-2906-ND - FUSE 125MA 250V T-LAG GLASS GMD
283-2914-ND - FUSE 1.5A 250V T-LAG GLASS GMD
283-2913-ND - FUSE 1.25A 250V T-LAG GLASS GMD
283-2893-ND - FUSE 800MA 250V MED T-LAG GLASS
283-2892-ND - FUSE 750MA 250V MED T-LAG GLASS
283-2887-ND - FUSE 63MA 250V MED T-LAG GLASS
283-2903-ND - FUSE 6.3A 125V MED T-LAG GLASS
283-2902-ND - FUSE 5A 125V MED T-LAG GLASS
283-2891-ND - FUSE 500MA 250V MED T-LAG GLASS
283-2901-ND - FUSE 4A 125V MED T-LAG GLASS
283-2899-ND - FUSE 3A 250V MED T-LAG GLASS
283-2900-ND - FUSE 3.15A 250V MED T-LAG GLASS
283-2897-ND - FUSE 2A 250V MED T-LAG GLASS
283-2890-ND - FUSE 250MA 250V MED T-LAG GLASS
283-2898-ND - FUSE 2.5A 250V MED T-LAG GLASS
283-2894-ND - FUSE 1A 250V MED T-LAG GLASS
283-2889-ND - FUSE 125MA 250V MED T-LAG GLASS
283-2888-ND - FUSE 100MA 250V MED T-LAG GLASS
283-2896-ND - FUSE 1.5A 250V MED T-LAG GLASS
283-2895-ND - FUSE 1.25A 250V MED T-LAG GLASS
283-2886-ND - FUSE 8A 125V FAST GLASS GMA
283-2869-ND - FUSE 750MA 250V FAST GLASS GMA
283-2885-ND - FUSE 6A 125V FAST GLASS GMA
283-2845-ND - FUSE 5A 125V FAST GLS 5X20MM UL
283-2844-ND - FUSE 500MA 250V FAST GLS 5X20 UL
283-2843-ND - FUSE 4A 125V FAST GLS 5X20MM UL
283-2841-ND - FUSE 3A 250V FAST GLSS 5X20MM UL
283-2842-ND - FUSE 3.15A 125V FAST GLS 5X20 UL
283-2840-ND - FUSE 2A 250V FAST GLSS 5X20MM UL
283-2839-ND - FUSE 250MA 250V FAST GLS 5X20 UL
283-2838-ND - FUSE 2.5A 250V FAST GLSS 5X20 UL
283-2837-ND - FUSE 1A 250V FAST GLSS 5X20MM UL
283-2836-ND - FUSE 15A 125V FAST GLSS 5X20 UL
283-2883-ND - FUSE 125MA 250V FAST GLASS GMA
283-2835-ND - FUSE 10A 125V FAST GLSS 5X20 UL
283-2834-ND - FUSE 1.5A 250V FAST GLS 5X20 UL
283-2884-ND - FUSE 1.25A 250V FAST GLASS GMA
283-2708-ND - FUSE 800MA 250V T-LAG GLASS S506
283-2707-ND - FUSE 630MA 250V T-LAG GLASS S506
283-2706-ND - FUSE 6.3A 250V T-LAG GLASS S506
283-2705-ND - FUSE 5A 250V T-LAG GLASS S506
283-2704-ND - FUSE 500MA 250V T-LAG GLASS S506
283-2703-ND - FUSE 4A 250V T-LAG GLASS S506
283-2702-ND - FUSE 400MA 250V T-LAG GLASS S506
283-2701-ND - FUSE 315MA 250V T-LAG GLASS S506
283-2700-ND - FUSE 3.15A 250V T-LAG GLASS S506
283-2699-ND - FUSE 2A 250V T-LAG GLASS S506
283-2698-ND - FUSE 250MA 250V T-LAG GLASS S506
283-2697-ND - FUSE 2.5A 250V T-LAG GLASS S506
283-2696-ND - FUSE 1A 250V T-LAG GLASS S506
283-2695-ND - FUSE 160MA 250V T-LAG GLASS S506
283-2694-ND - FUSE 125MA 250V T-LAG GLASS S506
283-2693-ND - FUSE 100MA 250V T-LAG GLASS S506
283-2692-ND - FUSE 1.6A 250V T-LAG GLASS S506
283-2691-ND - FUSE 1.25A 250V T-LAG GLASS S506
283-2690-ND - FUSE 8A 250V FAST GLASS S500
283-2689-ND - FUSE 800MA 250V FAST GLASS S500
283-2688-ND - FUSE 630MA 250V FAST GLASS S500
283-2687-ND - FUSE 6.3A 250V FAST GLASS S500
283-2686-ND - FUSE 5A 250V FAST GLASS S500
283-2685-ND - FUSE 500MA 250V FAST GLASS S500
283-2684-ND - FUSE 4A 250V FAST GLASS S500
283-2683-ND - FUSE 315MA 250V FAST GLASS S500
283-2682-ND - FUSE 3.15A 250V FAST GLASS S500
283-2681-ND - FUSE 2A 250V FAST GLASS S500
283-2680-ND - FUSE 250MA 250V FAST GLASS S500
283-2679-ND - FUSE 2.5A 250V FAST GLASS S500
283-2678-ND - FUSE 1A 250V FAST GLASS S500
283-2677-ND - FUSE 160MA 250V FAST GLASS S500
283-2676-ND - FUSE 125MA 250V FAST GLASS S500
283-2675-ND - FUSE 10A 250V FAST GLASS S500
283-2674-ND - FUSE 100MA 250V FAST GLASS S500
283-2673-ND - FUSE 1.6A 250V FAST GLASS S500
283-2672-ND - FUSE 1.25A 250V FAST GLASS S500
283-2669-ND - FUSE 6.3A 250V FAST CERM S501
283-2668-ND - FUSE 5A 250V FAST CERM S501
283-2667-ND - FUSE 500MA 250V FAST CERM S501
283-2666-ND - FUSE 4A 250V FAST CERM S501
283-2664-ND - FUSE 3.15A 250V FAST CERM S501
283-2663-ND - FUSE 2A 250V FAST CERM S501
283-2662-ND - FUSE 2.5A 250V FAST CERM S501
283-2659-ND - FUSE 100MA 250V FAST CERM S501
Other Names1A5018-10-R

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