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Digi-Key Part NumberHM204-ND
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Lead Free Status / RoHS StatusLead free / RoHS Compliant

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1591Z6 Hammond Manufacturing | HM204-ND DigiKey Electronics

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Datasheets 1591 Series Multipurpose - Polystyrene
Product Photos 1591Z6
Catalog Drawings 1591 Series PC Card Adaptor
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Box Accessories

Accessory TypePC Board Card Adapter
For Use With/Related Products1590, 1591 Series
Online CatalogAccessories
For Use With
HM102-ND - BOX PLAS 3.94X1.97X0.98" BLACK
HM100-ND - BOX PLAS 3.35X2.21X1.54" BLACK
HM848-ND - BOX ABS 3.34X2.21X1.02" BLACK
HM850-ND - BOX ABS 4.41X2.44X1.21" BLACK
HM113-ND - BOX ABS 3.35X2.21X1.54" BLACK
HM115-ND - BOX ABS 4.41X2.44X1.21" BLACK
HM105-ND - BOX PLAS 5.91X3.15X1.97" BLACK
HM570-ND - BOX ALUM 1.99X1.99X1.22" UNPTD
HM958-ND - BOX POLY 4.41X2.44X1.21" TR CL
HM106-ND - BOX PLAS 7.48X4.33X2.39" BLACK
HM117-ND - BOX ABS 5.91X3.15X1.97" BLACK
HM123-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X4.72X2.32" BLACK
HM842-ND - BOX ALUM 4.77X2.58X1.56" UNPTD
HM124-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X4.72X3.70" BLACK
HM348-ND - BOX ALUM 6.02X3.27X1.99" UNPTD
HM576-ND - BOX ALUM 6.02X3.27X1.99" UNPTD
HM361-ND - BOX PLAS 3.34X2.21X1.02" BLACK
HM103-ND - BOX PLAS 4.41X2.44X1.21" BLACK
HM104-ND - BOX PLAS 4.72X2.56X1.57" BLACK
HM364-ND - BOX ABS 3.34X2.21X1.02" GREY
HM139-ND - BOX ABS 3.94X1.97X0.98" GREY
HM858-ND - BOX ABS 3.94X1.97X0.98" BLACK
HM114-ND - BOX ABS 3.94X1.97X0.98" BLACK
HM126-ND - BOX ABS 3.94X1.97X0.98" BLUE
HM140-ND - BOX ABS 4.41X2.44X1.21" GREY
HM138-ND - BOX ABS 3.35X2.21X1.54" GREY
HM127-ND - BOX ABS 4.41X2.44X1.21" BLUE
HM847-ND - BOX ABS 3.35X2.21X1.54" BLACK
HM107-ND - BOX PLAS 4.74X3.69X1.34" BLACK
HM108-ND - BOX PLAS 6.52X2.79X1.14" BLACK
HM109-ND - BOX PLAS 4.34X3.24X1.73" BLACK
HM116-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X2.56X1.57" BLACK
HM957-ND - BOX POLY 3.94X1.97X0.98" TR CL
HM110-ND - BOX PLAS 4.72X3.16X2.31" BLACK
HM157-ND - BOX ALUM 1.99X1.99X1.22" UNPTD
HM111-ND - BOX PLAS 4.72X4.72X2.32" BLACK
HM876-ND - BOX POLY 4.41X2.44X1.21" TR BL
HM987-ND - BOX POLY 4.41X2.44X1.21" TR RD
HM855-ND - BOX ABS 4.74X3.69X1.34" BLACK
HM121-ND - BOX ABS 4.34X3.24X1.73" BLACK
HM856-ND - BOX ABS 5.91X3.15X1.97" BLACK
HM122-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X3.16X2.31" BLACK
HM852-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X3.16X2.31" BLACK
HM959-ND - BOX POLY 4.72X2.56X1.57" TR CL
HM1176-ND - BOX POLY 4.34X3.24X1.73" TR CL
HM857-ND - BOX ABS 7.48X4.33X2.39" BLACK
HM143-ND - BOX ABS 7.48X4.33X2.39" GREY
HM131-ND - BOX ABS 7.48X4.33X2.39" BLUE
HM881-ND - BOX ALUM 4.76X2.60X1.56" UNPTD
HM961-ND - BOX POLY 7.48X4.33X2.39" TR CL
HM362-ND - BOX ABS 3.34X2.21X1.02" BLACK
HM851-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X2.56X1.57" BLACK
HM878-ND - BOX POLY 3.94X1.97X0.98" TR BL
HM948-ND - BOX ALUM 1.97X1.97X0.98" UNPTD
HM112-ND - BOX PLAS 4.72X4.72X3.70" BLACK
HM849-ND - BOX ABS 4.34X3.24X1.73" BLACK
HM144-ND - BOX ABS 4.74X3.69X1.34" GREY
HM119-ND - BOX ABS 4.74X3.69X1.34" BLACK
HM118-ND - BOX ABS 7.48X4.33X2.39" BLACK
HM960-ND - BOX POLY 5.91X3.15X1.97" TR CL
HM843-ND - BOX ALUM 7.56X4.38X2.39" UNPTD
HM125-ND - BOX ABS 3.35X2.21X1.54" BLUE
HM134-ND - BOX ABS 4.34X3.24X1.73" BLUE
HM129-ND - BOX ABS 5.91X3.15X1.97" BLUE
HM147-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X3.16X2.31" GREY
HM148-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X4.72X2.32" GREY
HM1175-ND - BOX POLY 4.34X3.24X1.73" TR BL
HM989-ND - BOX POLY 5.91X3.15X1.97" TR BL
HM854-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X4.72X3.70" BLACK
HM880-ND - BOX ALUM 7.56X4.38X2.39" UNPTD
1591BF2SBK-ND - BOX PLAS 4.40X2.44X1.27" BLACK
HM128-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X2.56X1.57" BLUE
HM141-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X2.56X1.57" GREY
HM859-ND - BOX ABS 6.52X2.79X1.14" BLACK
HM146-ND - BOX ABS 4.34X3.24X1.73" GREY
HM120-ND - BOX ABS 6.52X2.79X1.14" BLACK
HM142-ND - BOX ABS 5.91X3.15X1.97" GREY
HM135-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X3.16X2.31" BLUE
HM853-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X4.72X2.32" BLACK
HM990-ND - BOX POLY 5.91X3.15X1.97" TR RD
HM149-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X4.72X3.70" GREY
HM949-ND - BOX ALUM 4.72X4.72X1.34" UNPTD
HM985-ND - BOX POLY 7.48X4.33X2.39" TR BL
1591ASFLBK-ND - BOX POLY 3.94X1.97X0.98" BLACK
1591MSFLBK-ND - BOX POLY 3.34X2.21X1.02" BLACK
1591MSGY-ND - BOX PLAS 3.34X2.21X1.02" GREY
1591ASGY-ND - BOX PLAS 3.94X1.97X0.98" GREY
1591BSFLBK-ND - BOX POLY 4.41X2.44X1.21" BLACK
1591LSFLBK-ND - BOX POLY 3.35X2.21X1.54" BLACK
1591LSGY-ND - BOX PLAS 3.35X2.21X1.54" GREY
1591BSGY-ND - BOX PLAS 4.41X2.44X1.21" GREY
1591CSFLBK-ND - BOX POLY 4.72X2.56X1.57" BLACK
1591CSGY-ND - BOX PLAS 4.72X2.56X1.57" GREY
HM363-ND - BOX ABS 3.34X2.21X1.02" BLUE
1591ABG-ND - BOX ABS 3.94X1.97X0.98" BEIGE
1591AFLGY-ND - BOX ABS 3.94X1.97X0.98" GREY
1591MBG-ND - BOX ABS 3.34X2.21X1.02" BEIGE
1591MFLGY-ND - BOX ABS 3.34X2.21X1.02" GREY
1591BBG-ND - BOX ABS 4.41X2.44X1.21" BEIGE
1591BFLGY-ND - BOX ABS 4.41X2.44X1.21" GREY
1591LBG-ND - BOX ABS 3.35X2.21X1.54" BEIGE
1591LFLGY-ND - BOX ABS 3.35X2.21X1.54" GREY
1591AF2SBK-ND - BOX PLAS 3.93X1.97X1.04" BLACK
1591AF2SGY-ND - BOX PLAS 3.93X1.97X1.04" GREY
1591GSFLBK-ND - BOX POLY 4.74X3.69X1.34" BLACK
1591HSFLBK-ND - BOX POLY 6.52X2.79X1.14" BLACK
1591SSFLBK-ND - BOX POLY 4.34X3.24X1.73" BLACK
1591GSGY-ND - BOX PLAS 4.74X3.69X1.34" GREY
1591HSGY-ND - BOX PLAS 6.52X2.79X1.14" GREY
1591SSGY-ND - BOX PLAS 4.34X3.24X1.73" GREY
1591MF2SBK-ND - BOX PLAS 3.33X2.21X1.08" BLACK
1591MF2SGY-ND - BOX PLAS 3.33X2.21X1.08" GREY
HM986-ND - BOX POLY 3.94X1.97X0.98" TR RD
1591CBG-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X2.56X1.57" BEIGE
1591CFLGY-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X2.56X1.57" GREY
1591DSFLBK-ND - BOX POLY 5.91X3.15X1.97" BLACK
1591DSGY-ND - BOX PLAS 5.91X3.15X1.97" GREY
1591TSFLBK-ND - BOX POLY 4.72X3.16X2.31" BLACK
1591TSGY-ND - BOX PLAS 4.72X3.16X2.31" GREY
1591AF2GY-ND - BOX ABS 3.93X1.97X1.04" GREY
1591AF2BK-ND - BOX ABS 3.93X1.97X1.04" BLACK
1591LF2SGY-ND - BOX PLAS 3.34X2.21X1.59" GREY
1591LF2SBK-ND - BOX PLAS 3.34X2.21X1.59" BLACK
1591BF2SGY-ND - BOX PLAS 4.40X2.44X1.27" GREY
1591USFLBK-ND - BOX POLY 4.72X4.72X3.22" BLACK
1591USGY-ND - BOX PLAS 4.72X4.72X2.32" GREY
1591CF2SBK-ND - BOX PLAS 4.73X2.56X1.63" BLACK
1591CF2SGY-ND - BOX PLAS 4.73X2.56X1.63" GREY
1590L-ND - BOX ALUM 3.98X1.97X0.98" UNPTD
1591MF2BK-ND - BOX ABS 3.33X2.21X1.08" BLACK
1591MF2GY-ND - BOX ABS 3.33X2.21X1.08" GREY
1591LFBK-ND - BOX ABS 3.34X2.21X1.59" BLACK
1591LF2GY-ND - BOX ABS 3.34X2.21X1.59" GREY
1591BF2GY-ND - BOX ABS 4.40X2.44X1.27" GREY
1591BF2BK-ND - BOX ABS 4.40X2.44X1.27" BLACK
1591ESFLBK-ND - BOX POLY 7.48X4.33X2.39" BLACK
1591ESGY-ND - BOX PLAS 7.48X4.33X2.39" GREY
1591VSFLBK-ND - BOX POLY 4.72X4.72X3.70" BLACK
1591VSGY-ND - BOX PLAS 4.72X4.72X3.70" GREY
HM132-ND - BOX ABS 4.74X3.69X1.34" BLUE
HM133-ND - BOX ABS 6.52X2.79X1.14" BLUE
HM145-ND - BOX ABS 6.52X2.79X1.14" GREY
1590LBFLBK-ND - BOX ALUM 1.99X1.99X1.22" BLACK
1591GBG-ND - BOX ABS 4.74X3.69X1.34" BEIGE
1591GFLGY-ND - BOX ABS 4.74X3.69X1.34" GREY
1591HBG-ND - BOX ABS 6.52X2.79X1.14" BEIGE
1591HFLGY-ND - BOX ABS 6.52X2.79X1.14" GREY
1591SBG-ND - BOX ABS 4.34X3.24X1.73" BEIGE
1591SFLGY-ND - BOX ABS 4.34X3.24X1.73" GREY
1591HF2SBK-ND - BOX PLAS 6.52X2.79X1.20" BLACK
1591SF2SGY-ND - BOX PLAS 4.32X3.24X1.79" GREY
1591HF2SGY-ND - BOX PLAS 6.52X2.79X1.20" GREY
1591GF2SBK-ND - BOX PLAS 4.74X3.69X1.40" BLACK
1591GF2SGY-ND - BOX PLAS 4.74X3.69X1.40" GREY
1591SF2SBK-ND - BOX PLAS 4.32X3.24X1.79" BLACK
1590LBBK-ND - BOX ALUM 1.99X1.99X1.22" BLACK
1590LBGY-ND - BOX ALUM 1.99X1.99X1.22" GREY
1590M-ND - BOX ALUM 4.43X2.46X1.20" UNPTD
1591DBG-ND - BOX ABS 5.91X3.15X1.97" BEIGE
1591DFLGY-ND - BOX ABS 5.91X3.15X1.97" GREY
1591CF2BK-ND - BOX ABS 4.73X2.56X1.63" BLACK
1591CF2GY-ND - BOX ABS 4.73X2.56X1.63" GREY
1591TF2SBK-ND - BOX PLAS 4.72X3.16X2.37" BLACK
1591TF2SGY-ND - BOX PLAS 4.72X3.16X2.37" GREY
1591TBG-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X3.16X2.31" BEIGE
1591TFLGY-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X3.16X2.31" GREY
HM136-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X4.72X2.32" BLUE
1591UFLGY-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X4.72X2.32" GREY
1591DF2SBK-ND - BOX PLAS 5.89X3.15X2.03" BLACK
1591DF2SGY-ND - BOX PLAS 5.89X3.15X2.03" GREY
HM877-ND - BOX POLY 4.72X2.56X1.57" TR BL
HM988-ND - BOX POLY 4.72X2.56X1.57" TR RD
1591UF2SBK-ND - BOX PLAS 4.71X4.72X2.38" BLACK
1591UF2SGY-ND - BOX PLAS 4.71X4.72X2.38" GREY
1590N-ND - BOX ALUM 4.72X2.58X1.61" UNPTD
1590NFL-ND - BOX ALUM 4.74X2.60X1.58" UNPTD
1591HF2BK-ND - BOX ABS 6.52X2.79X1.20" BLACK
1591HF2GY-ND - BOX ABS 6.52X2.79X1.20" GREY
1591SF2GY-ND - BOX ABS 4.32X3.24X1.79" GREY
1591GF2BK-ND - BOX ABS 4.74X3.69X1.40" BLACK
1591GF2GY-ND - BOX ABS 4.74X3.69X1.40" GREY
1591SF2BK-ND - BOX ABS 4.32X3.24X1.79" BLACK
1591VF2SBK-ND - BOX PLAS 4.70X4.72X3.76" BLACK
1591VF2SGY-ND - BOX PLAS 4.70X4.72X3.76" GREY
1590LBK-ND - BOX ALUM 3.98X1.97X0.98" BLACK
1590LGY-ND - BOX ALUM 3.98X1.97X0.98" GREY
1591EBG-ND - BOX ABS 7.48X4.33X2.39" BEIGE
1591EFLGY-ND - BOX ABS 7.48X4.33X2.39" GREY
1591EF2SGY-ND - BOX PLAS 7.44X4.33X2.45" GREY
1591EF2SBK-ND - BOX PLAS 7.44X4.33X2.45" BLACK
1591TF2GY-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X3.16X2.37" GREY
1591TF2BK-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X3.16X2.37" BLACK
1591DF2GY-ND - BOX ABS 5.89X3.15X2.03" GREY
1591DF2BK-ND - BOX ABS 5.89X3.15X2.03" BLACK
HM137-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X4.72X3.70" BLUE
1590LBF-ND - BOX ALUM 1.99X1.99X1.22" UNPTD
1591VBG-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X4.72X3.70" BEIGE
1591VFLGY-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X4.72X3.70" GREY
1591UF2BK-ND - BOX ABS 4.71X4.72X2.38" BLACK
1591UF2GY-ND - BOX ABS 4.71X4.72X2.38" GREY
1590MBK-ND - BOX ALUM 4.43X2.46X1.20" BLACK
1590MGY-ND - BOX ALUM 4.43X2.46X1.20" GREY
1590P-ND - BOX ALUM 6.02X3.27X1.99" UNPTD
1590PFL-ND - BOX ALUM 6.02X3.27X1.99" UNPTD
HM950-ND - BOX ALUM 4.72X4.72X1.34" UNPTD
1590LBFBK-ND - BOX ALUM 1.99X1.99X1.22" BLACK
1590NBK-ND - BOX ALUM 4.72X2.58X1.61" BLACK
1590NFLBK-ND - BOX ALUM 4.74X2.60X1.58" BLACK
1590NGY-ND - BOX ALUM 4.72X2.58X1.61" GREY
1591EF2BK-ND - BOX ABS 7.44X4.33X2.45" BLACK
1591EF2GY-ND - BOX ABS 7.44X4.33X2.45" GREY
1591VF2BK-ND - BOX ABS 4.70X4.72X3.76" BLACK
1590N1FLBK-ND - BOX ALUM 4.76X2.60X1.56" BLACK
1590N1BK-ND - BOX ALUM 4.72X2.58X1.56" BLACK
1590N1GY-ND - BOX ALUM 4.72X2.58X1.56" GREY
1590P1BK-ND - BOX ALUM 6.02X3.27X1.99" BLACK
1590P1GY-ND - BOX ALUM 6.02X3.27X1.99" GREY
1590PBK-ND - BOX ALUM 6.02X3.27X1.99" BLACK
1590PFLBK-ND - BOX ALUM 6.02X3.27X1.99" BLACK
1590PGY-ND - BOX ALUM 6.02X3.27X1.99" GREY
1590QFLBK-ND - BOX ALUM 4.72X4.72X1.34" BLACK
1590R-ND - BOX ALUM 7.56X4.37X2.38" UNPTD
HM991-ND - BOX POLY 7.48X4.33X2.39" TR RD
1590N1F-ND - BOX ALUM 4.72X2.58X1.55" UNPTD
1591RABK-ND - BOX ABS 3.94X1.97X0.98" BLACK
1590P1FLBK-ND - BOX ALUM 6.02X3.27X1.99" BLACK
1590RBK-ND - BOX ALUM 7.56X4.37X2.38" BLACK
1590RGY-ND - BOX ALUM 7.56X4.37X2.38" GREY
1591RBBK-ND - BOX ABS 4.41X2.44X1.21" BLACK
1591RLBK-ND - BOX ABS 3.35X2.21X1.54" BLACK
1590QF-ND - BOX ALUM 4.72X4.72X1.40" UNPTD
1591RMBK-ND - BOX ABS 3.34X2.21X1.02" BLACK
1590N1FBK-ND - BOX ALUM 4.72X2.58X1.55" BLACK
1591RCBK-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X2.56X1.57" BLACK
1590P1F-ND - BOX ALUM 6.02X3.27X2.05" UNPTD
1591RSBK-ND - BOX ABS 4.34X3.24X1.73" BLACK
1591RTBK-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X3.16X2.31" BLACK
1590QFBK-ND - BOX ALUM 4.72X4.72X1.40" BLACK
1591RHBK-ND - BOX ABS 6.52X2.79X1.14" BLACK
1591RDBK-ND - BOX ABS 5.91X3.15X1.97" BLACK
1591RGBK-ND - BOX ABS 4.74X3.69X1.34" BLACK
1591RUBK-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X4.72X2.32" BLACK
1591REBK-ND - BOX ABS 7.48X4.33X2.39" BLACK
1591RVBK-ND - BOX ABS 4.72X4.72X3.70" BLACK
1590P1FBK-ND - BOX ALUM 6.02X3.27X2.05" BLACK
Other NamesHM204
Alternate Package | This part is also available in the following packaging:
Digi-Key Part NumberManufacturer Part NumberManufacturerPackagingQuantity AvailableUnit PriceMinimum Quantity
1591Z50-ND1591Z50Hammond ManufacturingBulk ? 17 - Factory Stock
1591Z100-ND1591Z100Hammond ManufacturingBulk ? 26 - Factory Stock

Tape & Reel, Cut Tape and Digi-Reels are all derived from the same manufacturer’s part number. Inventory from Tape & Reel is used to fulfill Cut Tape and Digi-Reel orders and will impact the total quantity available.

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