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Datasheets 1414 Series
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Boxes, Enclosures, Racks


Box Accessories

Accessory TypeMounting Brackets
For Use With/Related Products1414, EJ, PJ Series
For Use With
HM424-ND - BOX STEEL 12.0X12.0X6.0" GREY
PJ14126R-ND - BOX FIBER 15.7X13.9X8.00" GREY
PJ14126H-ND - BOX FIBER 15.7X13.9X6.47" GREY
1414PHL6LP-ND - BOX STEEL 12.0X12.0X6.0" GREY
PJU14126-ND - BOX FIBER 14.5X12.7X7.01" GREY
PJ14126RH-ND - BOX FIBER 15.7X13.9X8.00" GREY
PJU14126F-ND - BOX FIBER 14.5X12.7X7.01" GREY
PJU14126H-ND - BOX FIBER 14.5X12.7X7.01" GREY
1414PHM6LP-ND - BOX STEEL 14.0X12.0X6.0" GREY
PJU14126HF-ND - BOX FIBER 14.5X12.7X7.01" GREY
PJ14126L-ND - BOX FIBER 15.7X13.9X6.47" GREY
PJ14126T-ND - BOX FIBER 15.7X13.9X6.47" GREY
1414PHM6-ND - BOX STEEL 14.0X12.0X6.0" GREY
PJ14126RL-ND - BOX FIBER 15.7X13.9X8.00" GREY
PJ14126RT-ND - BOX FIBER 15.7X13.9X8.00" GREY
PJU14126CC-ND - BOX FIBER 14.5X12.7X7.01" GR/CL
PJU14126CCF-ND - BOX FIBER 14.5X12.7X7.01" GR/CL
1414PHM8LP-ND - BOX STEEL 14.0X12.0X8.0" GREY
PJ14126P25-ND - BOX FIBER 15.7X13.9X6.47" GREY
1414M6-ND - BOX STEEL 14.0X12.0X6.0" GREY
PJU14126L-ND - BOX FIBER 14.5X12.7X7.01" GREY
PJU14126T-ND - BOX FIBER 14.5X12.7X7.01" GREY
1414N4PHL6LP-ND - BOX STEEL 12.0X12.0X6.0" GREY
PJU14126CCH-ND - BOX FIBER 14.5X12.7X7.01" GR/CL
1414SCM6-ND - BOX STEEL 14.0X12.0X6.0" GREY
PJ14126HP25-ND - BOX FIBER 15.7X13.9X6.47" GREY
PJU14126LF-ND - BOX FIBER 14.5X12.7X7.01" GREY
PJU14126TF-ND - BOX FIBER 14.5X12.7X7.01" GREY
PJU14126CCHF-ND - BOX FIBER 14.5X12.7X7.01" GR/CL
1414PHM8-ND - BOX STEEL 14.0X12.0X8.0" GREY
1414N4PHL6-ND - BOX STEEL 12.0X12.0X6.0" GREY
1414N4M6-ND - BOX STEEL 14.0X12.0X6.0" GREY
PJU14126CCL-ND - BOX FIBER 14.5X12.7X7.01" GR/CL
PJU14126CCT-ND - BOX FIBER 14.5X12.7X7.01" GR/CL
1414N4PHM6LP-ND - BOX STEEL 14.0X12.0X6.0" GREY
PJU14126CCLF-ND - BOX FIBER 14.5X12.7X7.01" GR/CL
PJU14126CCTF-ND - BOX FIBER 14.5X12.7X7.01" GR/CL
1414N4PHM6-ND - BOX STEEL 14.0X12.0X6.0" GREY
1414N4PHM8LP-ND - BOX STEEL 14.0X12.0X8.0" GREY
1414M8-ND - BOX STEEL 14.0X12.0X8.0" GREY
PJ14126W-ND - BOX FIBER 15.7X13.9X6.47" GREY
PJ14126HW-ND - BOX FIBER 15.7X13.9X6.47" GREY
PJ14126RW-ND - BOX FIBER 15.7X13.9X8.00" GREY
1414N4M8-ND - BOX STEEL 14.0X12.0X8.0" GREY
PJ14126RHW-ND - BOX FIBER 15.7X13.9X8.00" GREY
1414SCM8-ND - BOX STEEL 14.0X12.0X8.0" GREY
1414N4PHM8-ND - BOX STEEL 14.0X12.0X8.0" GREY
PJU14126W-ND - BOX FIBER 14.5X12.7X7.01" GREY
PJU14126HW-ND - BOX FIBER 14.5X12.7X7.01" GREY
PJ14126LW-ND - BOX FIBER 15.7X13.9X6.47" GREY
PJ14126TW-ND - BOX FIBER 15.7X13.9X6.47" GREY
PJU14126WF-ND - BOX FIBER 14.5X12.7X7.01" GREY
PJU14126HWF-ND - BOX FIBER 14.5X12.7X7.01" GREY
PJ14126RLW-ND - BOX FIBER 15.7X13.9X8.00" GREY
PJ14126RTW-ND - BOX FIBER 15.7X13.9X8.00" GREY
PJU14126LW-ND - BOX FIBER 14.5X12.7X7.01" GREY
PJU14126TW-ND - BOX FIBER 14.5X12.7X7.01" GREY
PJU14126LWF-ND - BOX FIBER 14.5X12.7X7.01" GREY
PJU14126TWF-ND - BOX FIBER 14.5X12.7X7.01" GREY
1414N4ALM6-ND - BOX ALUM 14.0X12.0X6.0" NAT
1414N4ALM8-ND - BOX ALUM 14.0X12.0X8.0" NAT
1414N4PHSSL6-ND - BOX ST STEEL 12.0X12.0X6.0" NAT
1414N4SSM6-ND - BOX ST STEEL 14.0X12.0X6.0" NAT
1414N4PHSSM6-ND - BOX ST STEEL 14.0X12.0X6.0" NAT
1414N4PHS16K6-ND - BOX ST STEEL 12X10X6" NAT
1414N4PHSSM8-ND - BOX ST STEEL 14.0X12.0X8.0" NAT
1414N4PHS16L6-ND - BOX ST STEEL 12.0X12.0X6.0" NAT
1414N4PHSSL6LP-ND - BOX ST STEEL 12.0X12.0X6.0" NAT
1414N4PHS16M6-ND - BOX ST STEEL 14.0X12.0X6.0" NAT
1414N4PHSSM6LP-ND - BOX ST STEEL 14.0X12.0X6.0" NAT
1414N4PHSSM8LP-ND - BOX ST STEEL 14.0X12.0X8.0" NAT

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