Soluciones de dispositivos inalámbricos

La comunicación inalámbrica puede ofrecer un enlace simple entre los dispositivos u ofrecer los requisitos de interfaz para una red completa con miles de nodos. Las características clave de las diferentes tecnologías inalámbricas pueden incluir frecuencia, uso de alimentación y salida. Con la mayor selección de componentes y dispositivos inalámbricos de la industria, Digi-Key puede ofrecerle una solución completa para su diseño inalámbrico y la flexibilidad de poder elegir los componentes.

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MACOM Unveils New Portfolios of DOCSIS 3.1 Compliant CATV Amplifiers and Passive Components that push the envelope for RF component performance.
Abracon Corporation offers a variety of antenna products such as patch, chip, NFC and RFID tags as well as providing technical support on the end application.
La serie APAM de Abracon de antenas de parche GPS internas y activas proporciona una solución de nivel sistema ligera, de bajo costo y fácil de usar para arquitecturas basadas en GPS.
La serie APAE de Abracon Corporation de antenas de parche pasivas proporciona una solución de nivel sistema de bajo costo para arquitecturas basadas en SDARS, RFID, GPS y GLONASS.

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Demonstration of how to perform a range test between two XBee Modules.
Learn about challenges that must be faced in order to maintain a secure system including encryption, protocols, and packet delivery.
Reducing time-to-market, and allowing engineers to focus on the core product, the EYSFCNZXX Bluetooth Smart module includes an onboard antenna and FCC/IC/MIC certification.
A 900 MHz industrial grade long-range radio solution that ensures reliable wireless data communications over long distances.

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Will they finally catch him? See how Digi-Key creates custom motion sensors using various electronic components from Panasonic paired with an Android app to in hopes to catch Sasquatch. A PIR motion s...
The Digi XLR PRO with Punch2 Technology punches through noisy RF environments and provides a reliable connection to your remote assets. Learn more here:
This video provides a Digi-Key demonstration on the XBee ZigBee in action and also explains the features, benefits, how to use the XBee ZigBee Cloud kit, Gateway, and ZigBee cloud connection.
Wondering what to get your geek for Christmas? We have the ultimate buying guide to stuff his or her stocking this year! Bluetooth module - Beaglebone Black -
MACOM 2-Stage GaN Plastic Power Module for Pulsed RADAR
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