Soluciones de dispositivos inalámbricos

La comunicación inalámbrica puede ofrecer un enlace simple entre los dispositivos u ofrecer los requisitos de interfaz para una red completa con miles de nodos. Las características clave de las diferentes tecnologías inalámbricas pueden incluir frecuencia, uso de alimentación y salida. Con la mayor selección de componentes y dispositivos inalámbricos de la industria, Digi-Key puede ofrecerle una solución completa para su diseño inalámbrico y la flexibilidad de poder elegir los componentes.

Wireless Products

The development tools product selector provides an easy access to evaluation/development boards, community boards, single board computers, wireless modules, programmers, emulators, debuggers and software.

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Maxim Integrated introduces their wearable products that feature low power consumption and offer an ultra-small size that was designed to meet demanding design requirements to save space.
Fecha de publicación: 2016-09-27
Amphenol RF high-frequency, SMA end launch connectors offer excellent VSWR performance up to 26.5 GHz.
Fecha de publicación: 2016-09-26
Skyworks Solutions Incorporated introduces their SKY13587-378LF pHEMT GaAs FET I/C switch that can be used in transmit/receive applications.
Fecha de publicación: 2016-09-21
The Bluetooth® low energy Pioneer Kit from Cypress Semiconductor enables customers to evaluate and develop Bluetooth 4.2 compliant solutions using the PSoC® 4 BLE and PRoC™ (programmable radio-on-chip) BLE devices.
Fecha de publicación: 2016-09-21

Product Training Modules | View All (96)

This presentation will cover how to improve mixer performance by using Image Rejection Techniques.
Fecha de publicación: 2016-09-27
This is an introduction to the Cypress EZ BLE PRoC Module.
Fecha de publicación: 2016-09-16
Thread is a protocol that has easy commissioning, security and no single points of failure. Be sure to check out the Digi XBee S2D – Thread Ready Module
Fecha de publicación: 2016-06-20
Overview of how Anaren Atmosphere allows users to easily develop IoT solutions for BLE by creating a mobile application that connects with an embedded system
Fecha de publicación: 2016-06-17

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Joel Young, Digi CTO, explains how LTE technologies are evolving to meet the needs of M2M and IoT applications.
Fecha de publicación: 2016-09-28
IoT Wi-FI Moisture Sensor using TI and Seeed Studio
Fecha de publicación: 2016-09-27
Create next-generation Bluetooth® low energy solutions without compromising on functionality or battery lifetime, thanks to Dialog Semiconductor’s SmartBond DA1468x family.
Fecha de publicación: 2016-09-19
Adafruit’s Huzzah Internet of Things Feather ESP8266 WiFi Starter Kit has everything you need to get started with IoT sensor projects.
Fecha de publicación: 2016-09-19
Silicon Labs ThunderBoard-React Bluetooth® Smart Reference Design Kit
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