Whether you realize it or not, microcontrollers (MCUs) are the brains behind many consumer products in your everyday life. The Microcontroller TechZone will provide you with the tools and resources you need to explore, find, and develop the perfect MCU.  Digi-Key offers Product Training Modules, Videos, Articles, Product Highlights and Manufacturer Application Notes to keep you, the design engineer, up to speed on the latest MCU technologies.

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Wurth Electronics introduces the WR-COM series, 3 A Micro B USB SMT connectors.
The MicroTouch™ SC series controllers from 3M provide the solution needed for long term viability.
Diode’s AH8500/1/2/3/4 provide a high-performance and low-power/micropower solutions for a wide range of applications requiring magnetic flux measurements.
Linear Technology’s LTC2757 is an 18-bit multiplying parallel-input, current- output digital-to-analog converter that provides full 18-bit performance.

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To explain the current and future regulatory environment for external ac-dc power adapters.
A 900 MHz industrial grade long-range radio solution that ensures reliable wireless data communications over long distances.
Providing an introduction to the ST iNemo Engine solution and the Sensor Fusion software used to make multiple MEMS sensors work together as a team.
DIN 41 612 Power Connectors offer increased current carrying performance compared to the DIN Signal range.

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Create a custom BUD enclosure in a few quick and easy steps, and let DigiKey and BUD Industries take care of the dirty work.
Compact and high-performance AC motor drive for simple and rugged designs up to 2 kW. These devices offer high performances inside many applications such as home appliances, air conditioning, etc.
See how DigiKey puts a new twist on an old game using SmartSwitch™ OLCD/LED pushbuttons from NKK Switches.
We’re going to create a new footprint for a through-hole capacitor using the Decal Editor inside Designer Layout. We’ll zoom in a little closer and explain - where you see this white dot is going to b...
Microchip 8-bit MCU