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Quizás lo sepa o no, pero los microcontroladores (MCU) son los cerebros detrás de cada producto para el consumidor en la actualidad. La Microcontroller TechZone le brindará las herramientas y recursos que necesita para explorar, buscar y desarrollar el MCU perfecto. Digi-Key ofrece Product Training Modules (Módulos de capacitación sobre productos), videos, artículos, productos destacados y notas de aplicación del fabricante para que usted y el ingeniero de diseño estén al tanto de las últimas tecnologías de MCU.

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Altera's SoCs’ high-performance levels are ideal for differentiating high-volume applications such as industrial motor control drives, protocol bridging, video converter and capture cards, and handheld devices.
Cypress's CY15FRAMKIT-001 is an easy-to-use F-RAM development kit for Cypress’s high-performance, high-reliability, and energy-efficient serial F-RAM devices.
Digilent offers the Nexys™4 DDR features a ready-to-use digital circuit development platform and a large, high-capacity FPGA.
Microcontroladores LPC1100 de 32 bits de NXP

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Combining a PC software tool and a set of embedded software bricks, the STM32Cube and related tools are for use with microcontrollers.
CX3 provides designers with a powerful programming platform to meet the unique design requirements for HD video.
Designed for applications requiring multi-core processing, high memory densities, high-speed interconnect and storage interfaces.
The Nucleo Ecosystem boards flexible hardware platform and its diverse uses.

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In this video, Alan Hawse goes over the PSoC Creator project file structure.
In this video, Alan Hawse walks you through the sleep power mode of the PSoC 4200 family.
In this video, Alan Hawse walks you through tips and tricks to easily manage the power modes of the PSoC 4200 family.
In this video, Alan Hawse walks you through the 5 power modes of the PSoC 4200 family. Power modes are Active, Sleep, Deep-Sleep, Hibernate, and Stop.
Atmel SAMA5D4 SMART ARM-Based Embedded MPU
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