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- At RECOM Power, when it comes to power conversion, we’ve always been very attentive to our customers’ needs and wishes, and have invested millions over the past decade in product development, growing our quality assurance lab, and expanding the scope of our worldwide distribution activities. This means we’re close by to our customers’ production facilities around the globe, offering the most reliable products available on today’s market ... with top-notch support – and, of course, competitive prices.


R-78 Modular Switching Regulators

Recom R78 Series Thumbnail

Our R-78 series is the original non-isolated, high-efficiency switching regulator. Learn More


Recom Power E-Series Thumbnail

Modular DC/DC converters were always considered to be more expensive than discrete solutions. Learn More

Centro de soluciones de energía

Imagen de las soluciones de alimentación de RECOM

RECOM Power ofrece una amplia gama de soluciones líderes para satisfacer sus necesidades. Conozca las ofertas de productos principales de RECOM Power. Más información

Featured Products

Recom DC-DC Converters Thumbnail

DC/DC Converters with High Isolation

DC/DC converters are typically galvanically isolated between the input and outputs. This galvanic isolation have different construction and voltages. Learn More

Image of RECOM's RAC48/OF and RAC60/OF AC/DC Power Supplies

RAC48/OF and RAC60/OF AC/DC Power Supplies

RECOM’s new RAC48/OF and RAC60/OF class II power supplies offers a compact AC/DC open frame design with a universal AC input (90-265 VAC). Learn More

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Image of RECOM Power RI3 Series SIP4 Unregulated Converter

Convertidor no regulado SIP4 serie RI3

La serie RI3 de RECOM Power ha sido específicamente diseñada para aplicaciones donde el espacio de placa es crítico ya que estos convertidores de 3 W tienen la misma huella que los convertidores de 2 W de la serie RI.

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Image of RECOM RKE S/H Unregulated DC/DC Converters

Conversores CC/CC no regulados serie RKE S/H

RECOM ha ampliado su popular serie (serie E) de conversores de CC/CC rentables con voltajes de entrada adicionales con la serie RKE S/H.

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Image of RECOM Power's RACG100 and RACG150 Series Power Supplies

Fuentes de alimentación de las series RACG150 y RACG100

Las fuentes de alimentación RACG100 y RACG150 de RECOM pueden montarse horizontalmente o verticalmente y se certifican completamente conforme a las normas CE, UL y EMC de clase B.

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Image of RECOM's REC20-REC30

REC20/REC30 DC/DC Power Modules

RECOM's REC20 (20 W) and REC30 (30 W) DC/DC power modules with single and dual regulated outputs for higher power industrial applications.

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Image of RECOM's RACM40 and RACM65

Series RACM40 y RACM65 para aplicaciones de grado médico

RACM40 y RACM65 de RECOM son fuentes de alimentación compactas de CA/CC de alta eficiencia (3.6 "x 2.38") con aprobación de seguridad 2xMOPP para aplicaciones médicas.

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Image of RECOM Power's REM and RACM Series Medical Grade Converters

Convertidores serie REM y RACM de grado médico

Las aplicaciones médicas de hoy tienen requisitos estrictos y los convertidores de baja fuga de RECOM se han diseñado específicamente para satisfacer dichos requisitos sin duda alguna.

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Tools and Support

Image of RECOM's Selection Guides

Selection Guide

DC/DC Converters, AC/DC Modules, Switching Regulators, LED Drivers Learn More

Image of RECOM's Application Notes

Application Notes

Terminology – Protection – Application Examples – Tips and Tricks – SMD Reflow Soldering – Internal Block Diagrams – Packaging – Filtering – Isolation – EMC. Learn More

Book of Knowledge

DC/DC Book of Knowledge

Practical Power Application tips for the user. Learn More

Image of RECOM's Isolated DC-DC Converters

Isolated DC/DC Converters

What are isolated DC/DC-converters? What kinds of isolated DC/DC-converters are applicable? Which applications require high isolated converters?… find the answer in this technical Whitepaper! Learn More

Image of RECOM's Reinforced DC-DC Converters

RECOM Reinforced DC/DC Converters

RECOM Reinforced DC/DC converters to isolate IGBT driver circuits. Learn More

Image of RECOM's How to Stop Energy Waste

Saving Power with AC/DC Modules

How to stop energy waste. Learn More

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AC-DC DC-DC Converter

Low Leakage Current Medical Grade AC-DC and DC-DC Converters

Duration: 10 minutes

Overview of the strict medical requirements and how they affect power supply modules.

RxxP2xx/R series

High Isolation Medical Grade DC-DC Converters

Duration: 10 minutes

Overview of medical requirements and how they affect power supply modules.

switching regulator

R-78 Series: Modular Switching Regulators

Duration: 5 minutes

Overview to understand the differences between a discrete design, linear regulator and modular switching voltage regulator

RACD100 RACD150 IP67

RACD100 and RACD150 High-Power AC/DC LED Driver

Duration: 5 minutes

Feature a metal package with a IP67 rating, extended input voltage range, and dual mode operation. A constant-current mode is useful to driver high power LEDs.

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RECOM REM3/6/10 Medical Grade Regulated DC/DC Converters | Digi-Key Daily

RECOM offers tightly regulated single and dual output DC/DC converters in 3, 6, and 10 W packages that are ideal for medical grade equipment.

RECOM REC Series DC to DC Converters | Digi-Key Daily

RECOM's REC series of DC to DC converters feature overload protection, have 3-30 watts of power with isolation, and create efficiencies up to 86%.

RECOM REM/RACM Converters | Digi-Key Daily

RECOM's REM and RACM fully certified, drop-in AC/DC and DC/DC converters are designed for medical grade applications and offer very low leakage currents.

RECOM High Isolation DC DC Converter | Digi-Key Daily

RECOM high isolation DC to DC converters are galvanically isolated to electrically separate the inputs and outputs for applications such as IGBT controllers and medical devices.

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