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- MikroElektronika es un reconocido productor de una amplia gama de herramientas de desarrollo y compiladores para diferentes familias de microcontroladores. MikroElektronika diseña y fabrica soluciones completas para microcontroladores PIC, dsPIC30/33, PIC24, PIC32, AVR, 8051, PSoC, Tiva y ARM STM32 Cortex-M.

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MCC with Mikroelektronika Thumbnail

MCC for MikroElektronika Click Boards

MPLAB Code configurator (MCC) for MikroElektronica click boards provides easy integration of sensing, control, and communications for prototype designs.

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Image of MikroElektronika's Bluetooth® click boards™

Bluetooth® click boards™

Las placas Bluetooth® click boards™ de MikroElektronika cuentan con el módulo de radio de Bluetooth RN-41 y la placa Click BLE2 ofrece el módulo RN4020.

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Image of MikroElektronica's 8 x 8 Y, R, and B Display Matrix click boards™

Matriz de pantalla click boards™ Y, R y B de 8 x 8

MikroElektronica ofrece sus placas Click™ de matriz de pantalla Y, R y B de 8 x 8 con módulo de controlador de pantalla LED de 8 dígitos MAX7219 de Maxim que están diseñados para utilizar fuentes de alimentación de 5 V o MCU de 3.3 V.

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Image of MikroElektronika EEPROM 3 click board™

EEPROM 3 click board™

La placa EEPROM 3 Click™ de mikroElektronika es ideal para almacenar datos de inicialización y configuración de un dispositivo cuando se requiere una interfaz I²C.

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Image of Mikroelektronika ADC2 and ADC3 Click Boards

ADC2 and ADC3 Click Boards

MikroElektronika's ADC2 click carries the Microchip MCP3551 and MCP3553, which are 22-bit ADC with automatic internal offset and gain calibration.

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Image of Mikroelektronika RF Meter Click

MIKROE-2034 RF Meter Click

MikroElektronika's RF meter click is a radio frequency power measurement device covering a frequency span from 1 MHz to 8 GHz over a 60 dB range (approximately).

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MikroElektronika Hexiwear | Maker Minute

MikroElektronika's Hexiwear is a wearable development kit capable of wirelessly connecting to nearby devices or the cloud.

EEPROM 3 click - Example

EEPROM3 click carries Atmel’s AT24CM02 DIP-8 socket EEPROM chip with 256 KB of memory. The chip has byte and page write speeds equal or less than 10 ms. It’s specified for a million write cycles, with 100 years of data retention.

8x8 R Click Boards™

8x8 R click is a serial 8x8 LED Matrix display, carrying MAX7219 8-digit LED display driver module, as well as 64 RED LEDs. 8x8 R Click™ communicates with target board microcontroller via four mikroBUS™ SPI lines (DIN, DOUT, CLK and CS).

Shake2Wake click

Shake2Wake click carries an ADXL362 ultralow power, 3-axis MEMS accelerometer from Analog Devices. The distinguishing feature of this IC is that it incorporates several activity detection modes.