MicroWave Technology, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of RF & microwave discrete semiconductor products, GaAs and GaN RF power amplifiers, low noise pHEMT devices, MMICs, wireless amplifiers, hybrid modules, and connectorized microwave amplifiers.

Located in California’s Silicon Valley, MicroWave Technology, Inc. (MwT) was founded in 1982 by technical principals with broad experience in Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) device design and fabrication. With a factory occupying 35,000 square feet, the company’s principal assets include both its GaAs semiconductor fab and a hybrid chip and wire microwave integrated circuit (HMIC) manufacturing facility. The vertical manufacturing and product strength provide MwT uncommon flexibility and opportunity in the microwave component marketplace.


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Image of MicroWave Technologies' MLA-01122B Low Noise MMIC Amplifier

MLA-01122B 1 to 12 GHz Low-Noise MMIC Amplifier

MicroWave Technology's MLA-01122B is a broadband low-noise MMIC amplifier with high-reliability, low-noise GaAs PHEMT technology.

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Image of Microwave Technology Inc's MMA-495930-Q4 Medium Power Amplifier

Amplificador de potencia media MMA-495930-Q4

MMA-495930-Q4 de Microwave Technology es un amplificador MMIC de banda ancha GaAs FET de linealidad alta utilizando la tecnología del dispositivo lineal propiedad de MwT.

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