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- LSR was founded in 1980 by Larry Schotz, one of the leading RF Engineers of FM receivers. Since that time, Larry has acquired numerous patents in his name. Accomplishments include the first PLL digitally tuned receiver, the Schotz noise reduction circuit, and the cassette adapter for portable CD players. Audio applications such as the wireless headset, speakers, and microphones were among the many initial products designed by LSR. As demand for wireless solutions have increased and become more sophisticated, LSR's product offering has increased and became more sophisticated as well. Offering products in their range of wireless protocol expertise, including Zigbee, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, LSR offers FCC Certified SMT wireless modules with compatible cables and antennas.

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Image of LSR's TiWi-C-W™ 2.4 GHz Embedded Wi-Fi Module

Módulo serial a Wi-Fi TiWi-C-W™

El módulo WLAN (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) independiente de LSR con procesador de aplicaciones simplifica y acelera el trabajo de agregar conectividad Wi-Fi a los productos.

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Image of LSR 2.4 GHz and Dual-Band 2.4/5.5 GHz FlexPIFA Antenna

Antenas FlexPIFA de 2.4/5.5 GHz

LSR ofrece la primera antena PIFA flexible de la industria y el diseño ofrece un rendimiento sólido en entornos desafiantes, por lo que se ofrece una flexibilidad inigualable para resolver los desafíos reales de diseño de antenas.

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Image of LSR's SaBLE-x Bluetooth Smart Module

Módulo Bluetooth Smart SaBLE-x

Módulo rentable y de bajo consumo que tiene todas las funcionalidades de Bluetooth Smart 4.1.

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Image of LSR's 2.4 GHz Waterproof Dipole Antenna, IP67

Antena dipolo impermeable IP67 de 2.4 GHz

La antena dipolo impermeable IP67 de 2.4 GHz de LSR es para uso con aplicaciones Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, Bluetooth® Smart, Zigbee y otra aplicaciones de 2.4 GHz.

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Image of LSR's FlexNotch™ Antenna

Antena de muesca flexible FlexNotch™ de 2.4GHz

Además de la experiencia de diseño en antenas que ofrece LSR, la FlexNotch™ proporciona un proceso simple y repetible para optimizar la sintonización de la antena para brindar el máximo alcance para su aplicación.

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Image of LSR's TiWi-BLE™ Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi Module

Módulos TiWi-BLE™ con Bluetooth® y Wi-Fi

Los módulos TiWi-BLE™ con Bluetooth® y Wi-Fi son radios de alto rendimiento con 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR y Bluetooth® 4.0 (BLE).

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