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Laird Technologies - Thermal Products

As an industry-leading thermoelectric leader, Laird Technologies designs and manufactures some of the world’s highest-rated, thermally conductive materials including a broad range of thermoelectric modules and thermal assemblies for telecom applications, instrumentation, and other applications. We have the right thermoelectric solution for your application: heatsinks, spring clips and hardware, thermally conductive grease, PCB materials, thermoelectric modules and assemblies, thermal interface gap fillers, phase change materials, as well as electrically insulating and conductive materials with advanced thermal properties.


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Image of Laird Technologies' PowerCycling Series Thermoelectric Modules

Módulos termoeléctricos de la serie PowerCycling

La serie PowerCycling de Laird es un módulo termoeléctrico (TEM) especialmente construido para reducir la cantidad de estrés inducida en los elementos de TE durante la operación.

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Image of Laird Technologies - Thermal Products' Tunnel Series TEAs

TEA de la serie Tunnel

Los TEA de la serie Tunnel ofrecen un rendimiento compacto y dependiente al refrigerar objetos a través de la tecnología termoeléctrica.

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Image of Laird Technologies - Thermal Products' Thermobility Energy Harvesting Series

Serie Thermobility de recolección de energía

Tecnología de recolección de energía de Laird que utiliza el calor como fuente de electricidad.

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Image of Laird Technologies - Thermal Products' MRC Series Chillers

Refrigeradores serie MRC

La serie MRC es un refrigerador de recirculación para montaje en banco que ofrece un rendimiento compacto y confiable al controlar la temperatura del refrigerante en un circuito líquido.

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Image of Laird Technologies' Laird Outdoor Cooler Series

Laird Outdoor Cooler Series

The AA outdoor cooler series offers dependable, compact performance by cooling objects via convection.

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Image of Laird Technologies' UltraTEC™ Series

UltraTEC™ Series

The UltraTEC™ series from Laird is a high-heat pumping density thermoelectric module (TEM).

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Thermoelectric Cooler

Introduction to Thermal Management Using Thin-Film Thermoelectrics

Duration: 15 minutes

An introduction to Thermal management and address design challenges that integrate microscalse thin-film thermoelectics for next generation thermal management.

Thermoelectric Assembly Direct Air 3.8A

Thermoelectric Assemblies

Duration: 20 minutes

Laird offers a wide product portfolio of TEAs that offer superior coiling performance, compact form factors, and high COP.

Thermoelectric Module

Thermoelectric Module Product Line

Duration: 10 minutes

Describing the thermoelectric module product line and a review of the Aztec cooler selection software developed by Laird.

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