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Laird Technologies - Signal Integrity Products

Formerly known as Steward is the leading producer of ferrite and related materials used in the electronics, copier, telecommunications, military and automotive industries. Established in 1876, Laird Technologies - Signal Integrity Products has corporate offices in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA with two manufacturing facilities in North America, and markets its products around the world.

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Image of Laird Technologies' Wireless Charging Modules

Módulos de carga inalámbrica

Los módulos de carga inalámbrica de Laird Technologies ofrecen alto rendimiento y fiabilidad mediante la utilización de materiales de la ferrita cuidadosamente seleccionados.

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Image of Laird's TYS Power Inductors

Inductores de potencia TYS

Laid ofrece la serie TYS de inductores de potencia, que es una solución de alto rendimiento y de bajo perfil que se ha calificado conforme al estándar AEC-Q200.

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