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GE Critical Power

- GE Critical Power business delivers reliable and intelligent power conversion solutions for cloud computing datacenters and mobile internet infrastructure with energy-efficient AC-DC power supplies, circuit board DC-DC converter modules, telecom energy systems, and custom power products backed by local field expertise worldwide. Designed for decades of non-stop operation, the high-availability Total Efficiency™ architecture power electronics platforms enable voice, video and data communications while assuring investment protection and significantly reduced total cost of ownership. Our customers include leading telecom service providers, such as AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Verizon, and leading global OEMs, such as Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Ericsson, Hewlett Packard, Huawei, Juniper Networks and Oracle.


Power Module Wizard

Image of GE Critical Power Power Module Wizard™

GE's cloud-based Power Module Wizard provides board designers with an intuitive tool to help them easily select the optimal DC/DC modules for their power board. Learn More

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Image of GE Critical Power's ProLynx Power Modules

Módulos ProLynx de alimentación de CC-CC no aislados de 12 A

La familia ProLynx de convertidores CC-CC de GE Critical Powers acelera el tiempo de salida al mercado mediante la reducción del ciclo de diseño para aplicaciones que requieren tolerancia de voltaje de entrada ancha.

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Image of GE's GDT080, GigaDLynx™, Point-of-Load Module

GDT080, GigaDLynx™, módulo de punto de carga

Los módulos de alimentación digitales de 80 A MegaDLynx™ de GE son convertidores CC/CC no aislados que pueden proporcionar hasta 80 A de corriente de salida

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Image of GE's 12 A Digital Pico SlimLynx Open Frame Power Modules

Módulos Pico SlimLynx™ de alimentación de CC-CC no aislados de 12 A

GE presenta los módulos de alimentación de marco abierto Pico SlimLynx digital de 12 A de GE son convertidores CC/CC no aislados que pueden proporcionar hasta 12 A de corriente de salida.

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Image of GE Critical Power GP100H3R48TEZ High-Efficiency Rectifier

Rectificador de alta eficiencia GP100H3R48TEZ

El rectificador GP100H3R48TEZ de GE Critical Energy proporciona mejoras significativas de la eficiencia en la plataforma global de fuentes de alimentación.

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Image of GE Critical Powers' CAR2012TE Series Rectifiers

Rectificadores de las series CAR2012TE y CAR2512TE

Las series CAR2012TE y CAR2512TE de fuente de alimentación altamente eficientes de GE Critical Power son ideales para aplicaciones donde la eficiencia de carga media a ligera es de importancia clave.

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Image of GE Critical Power's 6A Analog SlimLynx™ Encapsulated Non-Isolated DC-DC Power Modules

Módulos de alimentación SlimLynx™ de CC-CC, no aislado, encapsulado, analógico y de 6 A

SlimLynx ofrece control remoto de encendido/apagado, voltaje de salida ajustable, protección contra sobrecorriente y sobretemperatura en el controlador.

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Isolated DC-DC Converters Family Bricks

End-to-End Power Solutions

Duration: 10 minutes

Learn about the brick families of board mounted, isolated DC-DC converters from GE.


Designing in DLynx POL

Duration: 15 minutes

The features and benefits of the DLynx POL modules along with the steps to selecting and implementing a POL module.

GE Digital Family

Digital Solutions

Duration: 10 minutes

DLynx and Barracuda series converters use the PMBus interface to provide communication, configuration, and control.

Digital Power Insight GUI

Digital Power Insight GUI

Duration: 10 minutes

Using the Digital Power Insight evaluation kit and a step by step walk-through of the Digital Power Insight Simple GUI.

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Feature Constraints

GE Critical Power is showing how to combine separate control functions with a single power module, the GigaDLynx.

OneStep Edge Solution

When was the last time you had 42RU of usable space? The OneStep Edge accepts 480AC, 3phase and efficiently distributes it down the rack. Learn more!

Thermal Constraints

GE Critical Power Shows how to save space with the CLP0212 open frame power supply without the use of a fan.

CLP0212 Open Frame Power Supply

The first Compact Low Power Open Frame Power Supply by GE. You're welcome. An entire family of CLP products is in the works!

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