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Fremont Micro Devices

- Fremont Micro Devices is a semiconductor supplier and integrated circuit design house. It has quickly become a leader in non-volatile memory products and high efficiency power management solutions. FMD was founded in Fremont, California in 2003 and has offices in the United States, Europe and Asia. The key members of the management team have extensive product development, design, finance and sales experience with leading Silicon Valley semiconductor companies.

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Image of Fremont Micro Devices FT833 Constant Current LED Driver Family

Familia de controladores de LED de corriente constante FT833

La serie FT833xxx de Fremont Micro Devices es un controlador de corriente constante de regulación y retroalimentación de alta precisión de lado primario para aplicaciones de iluminación LED.

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Image of Fremont Micro Devices' FT25Cxx Series Serial EEPROMs

EEPROM seriales series FT25Cxx

Los EEPROM de interfaz SPI de 20 MHz admiten aplicaciones que requieren nivel de byte de lectura y escritura, y no requieren borrado del sector antes de escribir.

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Image of Fremont's Isolated LED Driver

Controlador de led aislado FT8260

Controlador LED de CA-CC de la serie FT8260 con MOSFET de potencia integrado de 650 V.

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Image of Fremont's Buck LED Driver

Controlador LED reductor FT8870

El controlador LED reductor FT8870 de Fremont Micro Devices es un controlador de bajo costo para aplicaciones de LED.

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Image of Fremont Micro Devices' High Performance LED Driver

High Performance LED Driver

Current-mode LED driver integrated circuit providing a controlled output regulator to achieve natural power factor correction.

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