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Epson integrates American marketing, sales, and engineering expertise with Japanese manufacturing prowess to bring a "best-of-class" level of service to our customers. Epson's proximity to leaders in the high-tech industry, easy access to the developmental resources of Epson Research and Development, and the ability to tap into the resources of America's leading universities allows EEA to offer products and solutions that are tailored to meet the requirements of leading-edge systems customers quickly and effectively. Epson's sophisticated business operation systems and flexible business practices help our customers lower their cost of procurement, inventory holding, and inventory obsolescence, thereby contributing significantly to the reduction in the overall cost of materials during the life of their products.

Programmable Oscillators

Image of Epson's Programmable Oscillators

In today's fast-paced development environment, programmable oscillators provide flexibility for board-level designs. Learn More

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Image of Epson's SG-850xCA Crystal Oscillators

Osciladores de cristal programables integrados serie SG-850xCA

Las series SG-8503CA y SG-8504CA de Epson son osciladores programables, de baja oscilación con dos y cuatro opciones de frecuencia de salida programables.

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Image of Epson SG-8002 Series Programmable Crystal Oscillators

Osciladores programables serie SG-8002

SG-8002 de Epson es uno de los primeros osciladores programables en la industria proporcionando tiempos de entrega muy cortos de producción desde una pocas muestras hasta cantidades de producción en masa.

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Image of Epson's VG-4231CA Voltage Controlled Oscillators

Osciladores controlados por voltaje VG-4231CA

El VG-4231CA de Epson es un oscilador de cristal controlado por tensión (VCXO) con una gran gama de extracción.

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Image of EPSON's EG-2121CB/2102CB Series SAW Oscillators

Osciladores SAW serie EG-2121CB/2102CB

EG-2121CB/2102CB de Epson es una familia de osciladores SAW en paquete simple de baja fluctuación SPSO) que vienen en un paquete pequeño de 5,0 mm x 3,2 mm x 1,4 mm.

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Image of Epson FA-118T Series Crystals

Cristales serie FA-118T

La serie FA-118T que no es sólo ultraminiatura (1,6 mm x 1,2 mm), sino que también tiene un perfil muy bajo (máximo 0,35 mm) y es tan delgada que encaja al ras en una tarjeta de crédito.

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Image of Epson's SG3225EAN Low-Jitter SPXO

SG3225EAN Low-Jitter SPXO

Epson introduces their SG3225EAN a low-jitter oscillator (SPXO) with LVPECL outputs in compact package

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SAW Oscillator

SAW Oscillator

Duration: 15 minutes

SAW oscillator advantages include high frequency oscillation, low jitter, excellent phase noise, and are highly reliable due to thick quartz substrate and IDT protective coating.



Duration: 10 minutes

Crystal oscillators, specifically SPXOs and VCXOs, the benefits over discrete oscillation designs, and insight into Epson's QMEMS technology.


Crystal Device

Duration: 10 minutes

Epson offers a variety of high-precision and high stability kHz crystal devices that are used for applications such as digital TV, automobiles, and smartphones.

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