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Cinch Connectivity Solutions

- Cinch Connectivity Solutions, a Bel group, has a wide range of connectors and cable assemblies suited for RF, Microwave Fiber Optic, and multi-pin signal transmission. Cinch Connectivity is a vertically integrated supplier of custom solutions, fixed length and semi rigid cable assemblies from DC to 50 GHz.  Our products are engineered to satisfy the most demanding and complex requirements.

Cinch Connectivity’s products support wireless communications, data networking, test and measurement, telecommunications, broadcast, medical, military, aerospace and industrial applications.

Cinch Connectivity Solutions is proud to have partnered with Digi-Key for over 30 years with the Johnson line of RF connectors and hardware. Other brands in the portfolio include AIM-Cambridge, Trompeter, Semflex, Midwest Microwave, and Vitelec, as well as Cinch connectors. Related product brands include: Bel, Bel Fuse, Bel Power Solutions, Signal Transformer, Stewart Connector, TRP Connector.

Image of Cinch Connectivity Solutions Distributor

MCX Connectors and Cable Assemblies

Image of Cinch Connectivity Solutions' MCX Connectors and Assemblies

Cinch Connectivity Solutions’ Johnson product line is a leader in MCX connectors, with one of the broadest product offerings in the industry. Learn More

UMC Ultra-Miniature Connectors

Image of Cinch Connectivity Solutions' UMC UltraMiniature Connectors

Cinch Connectivity Solutions' ultra-miniature connectors are the answer for quality, snap-on connections built to meet your cost and performance targets. Learn More

High Frequency End Launch Connectors

High Frequency SMA End Launch Connectors

Cinch Connectivity Solutions' high frequency end launch connectors are used to transition microwave energy from coaxial to planar transmission line structures. Learn More

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Featured Products

Image of Cinch Connectivity's QPL Attenuators

QPL Attenuators

Cinch Connectivity Solutions Midwest Microwave's product line of Qualified Parts List (QPL) attenuators are qualified, manufactured, and tested to the strict requirements of the MIL-DTL-M3933 product specification. Learn More

Image of Cinch Connectivity Solutions' QMA Series Connectors

QMA Series Connectors

Cinch Connectivity Solutions offers the Johnson product line of QMA connectors that feature a push-on style interface. Learn More

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Image of Cinch's RJ45 Series
Coming Soon

RJ45 D38999 Series C-RJFTV for Ethernet Connectivity

Cinch Connectivity introduces their high performance RJ45 series that provides Ethernet connectivity in harsh environments.

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Bel Connectivity Solutions

Soluciones de conectividad

Cinch, un grupo de Bel, oferta de productos de conectividad que incluye conectores, gabinetes, RF, conectores para microondas y arneses de cables.

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Image of Cinch Connectivity Solutions' SMA Connectors

Conectores SMA

Los SMA de alta frecuencia a 26.5 GHz, los conectores de acero inoxidable y de grado militar y las conexiones SMA Quick Connects para prueba caracterizan la oferta de conectores de Cinch.

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Cinch Fixed Length Cable Assemblies Thumbnail

Arneses de cables para RF de longitud fija

Los arneses de cables para RF de longitud fija de Cinch Connectivity están disponibles en más de 300 configuraciones. ¡Haga su pedido hoy en Digi-Key!

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Image of Cinch Connectivity Solutions' SMPM Connectors

SMPM Connectors

Where footprint space is a premium and mating boards is difficult the SMPM series is perfect for use in test equipment and racked-electronics.

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Image of Cinch Connectivity Solutions' Vitelec RF Coaxial Connectors

RF Coaxial Connectors

The Vitelec product line delivers a comprehensive range of RF coaxial interconnect products and cable assemblies.

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Tools and Support

Image of Cinch's RJ45 D38999 Series

C-RJFTV Series

Bringing the combined technical expertise and engineering capabilities of Cinch’s rugged D38999 shell and Stewart’s high performance RJ45, the RJ45 D38999 provides Ethernet connectivity in harsh environments. Learn More

Image of Cinch's Type N Connectors

Type N Connectors

Johnson®Type N Connectors meet or exceed the performance requirements of MIL-PRF-39012. All designs are based on 50 ohm system impedance per MIL-STD-348, and operate at frequencies up to 11 GHz minimum. Learn More

Image of Cinch's Cylindrical C48 Series

C48 Series/MIL-C-26500

The C48 Series describes a family of connectors qualified to MIL-C-26500. While maintaining the MIL-C-26500 mating interface, this product has also been expanded to include qualifications to numerous Boeing specifications to satisfy general purpose requirements and unique product challenges. Learn More

Image of Cinch's Product Overview

Cinch Connectivity Solutions Product Overview

At Cinch Connectivity Solutions, our product brands (AIM-Cambridge, Cinch, Johnson, Midwest Microwave, Semflex, Stratos, Trompeter, Viewsonics & Vitelec) have established a proven track record of innovation & excellence in signal integrity. Learn More

Image of Cinch's UMC Connectors

Ultra Miniature Connectors

Cinch Connectivity Solutions UMC Ultraminiature Coaxial Connectors and Cable Assemblies are the answer for quality, snap-on connections built to meet your cost and performance targets. The UMC cable plugs and jack receptacles offer 2.0mm and 2.5mm maximum mated height options. Learn More

Image of Cinch's Type SMP Connectors

SMP Connectors

Johnson® line of SMP Blind-Mate Connectors offers our customers a Micro-Miniature, Slide-On/Snap-On Interconnect System that aid’s in the design of high-density packaging as well as axial and radial misalignment issues. Learn More

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Video Patching

Configured Solutions Video Patching

Duration: 5 minutes

Video patching and the SMPTE standards that are related to video patching products.

DS-3 Lines

Benefits of DS-3 Lines

Duration: 5 minutes

The distinctions between a Telco BNC and other BNCs available on the market and the benefits of installation training and certification.

End Launch

SMA HF End Launch

Duration: 5 minutes

Designed for an OEM in the late 1980's, improvements have been made on the clamp types being used in the industry.