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- Cherry ZF is a global leader in driveline and chassis technology and on May 20, 2015 ZF acquired TRW Automotive. The company is now represented in 230 offices in 40 countries. In 2014 both companies operated independently. Collectively, the group achieved sales exceeding €30 billion euros with approximately 134,000 employees. The Industrial Solutions (IS) product line in the Electronic Systems business unit develops and manufactures electromechanical components, specifically snap switches, panel-mount switches, rocker and sealed rocker switches, a full range of sensor products as well as Energy Harvesting wireless products. Target customers for the Industrial Solutions product line include (but are not limited to) home appliance, HVAC, medical equipment and non-automotive equipment such as agricultural and commercial equipment and power sports vehicle (including marine and RV) OEM’s and distributors.

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Image of Cherry's ANG Angular and LIN Linear Position Sensors

Sensores de posición series ANG y LIN

Las series ANG y LIN de sensores de Cherry son sensores delgados de posición magnética programables sin contacto, que proporcionan un cambio lineal en la salida de voltaje correspondiente a un desplazamiento lineal del imán del actuador.

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Image of Cherry's Energy Harvesting Product

Producto de recolección de energía

La innovadora tecnología inalámbrica y sin pilas de recolección de energía de CHERRY proporciona soluciones efectivas en una variedad de entornos y aplicaciones.

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Image of Cherry's Waterproof Rocker & Pushbutton Switches

Waterproof Rocker and Pushbutton Switches

Suitable for applications requiring protection against dust and water intrusion, such as outdoor power equipment, commercial appliances, and medical equipment.

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Energy Harvesting RF Switches

A whiteboard demonstrating benefits of ZF Electronics' energy harvesting RF Switches.

HOT 148 Ryan Eder AN ENERGY HARVESTING SWITCH (audio only)

John Barnabas speaks with ZF US Product Manager Ryan Eder for the Money Radio program Happiness Opportunity & Technology.

Cherry Energy harvesting Switch Evaluation Kits – Another Geek Moment Product Preview

Cherry’s innovative, wire free and battery free energy harvesting switch evaluation kit (AFIK-5002-ND) offers a reliable and effective energy harvesting solution for a variety of applications.

Cherry Sensors

Overview of the many available sensors available through Cherry.

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