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Amphenol FCI

- Amphenol FCI is a global company with about 13,000 people and more than 30 production facilities operating in 30 countries throughout the world and in 15 different languages. Amphenol FCI is a leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of innovative and high-quality electrical and electronic interconnect systems for a wide range of consumer and industrial applications. Amphenol FCI is organized in 4 fully integrated Business Divisions controlling their own sales marketing design and manufacturing activities. Related product brands include: Amphenol, Amphenol Advanced Sensors (formerly GE Sensing), Amphenol Aerospace Operations, Amphenol Commercial Products, Amphenol Industrial, Amphenol Pcd, Amphenol RF, Amphenol Sine Systems, Amphenol SV Microwave.

High Speed I/O Connectors

Image of FCI's High Speed I/O Connectors and Cable Assemblies

Amphenol FCI's heritage of high-speed interconnect design and signal integrity is the expertise behind our high-speed I/O solutions whether those cable lengths require copper or optical-based cable assemblies. Learn More

XCede® Connectors

Image of FCI's XCede® Connectors

Amphenol FCI's XCede® connector platform is designed for 25 Gb/s performance to provide the headroom to support future high-speed, serial data rate requirements demanded by next-generation equipment. Learn More

BERGSTAK 0.8 mm Mezzanine Connectors

Image of FCI's Bergstak® 0.8mm Mezzanine Connectors

Amphenol FCI's Bergstak is a versatile, high density, parallel board-to-board connector system that offers 12 PCB stack heights in 9 sizes up to two hundred positions. Stack height flexibility supports evolving designs. Learn More

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Featured Products

Image of FCI's FFC and FPC Connectors

FFC and FPC Connectors

One of the reasons flex circuits and connectors have become an important part of the connector world is their unique ability to fill the role of problem solver. Flex circuits can be used to bridge the gap between two boards that may not be positioned in a way that allows connection with a traditional two piece coplanar or mezzanine interconnect solution. Learn More

Image of FCI's MEG-Array® Connector

MEG-Array® Connectors

The MEG-Array connector is designed to meet the needs of 10 Gb/s applications requiring up to 528 signal pins per connector. The combination of multiple stack heights (4 mm to 14 mm) and multiple sizes allows for optimal design flexibility while yielding less than 1% cross-talk performance when configured differentially. Learn More

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Image of FCI's Griplet: Miniature IDC Connector for Wire-to-Board Terminations

Griplet: Conector IDC en miniatura para terminaciones de cables a placa

El nuevo conector Griplet de Amphenol FCI ofrece una solución sólida para el alambre IDC en miniatura para conexiones de la placa. El diseño compacto y de bajo perfil lo convierte en un conector ideal donde el espacio es ajustado y la facilidad de instalación es importante.

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Image of FCI's AirMax VS®, VS2™, VSe® Connectors

Conectores AirMax VS®, VS2™, VSe®

La familia de conectores AirMax ® de Amphenol FCI es un conector de panel posterior, de 2 piezas, inverso, escalable, que se basa en el diseño IMLA (ensamble del bastidor de conexión moldeado y de inserción) y se puede usar para señales de pares diferenciales

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Image of FCI's Mini-SAS HD


Cumplen estrictamente con las especificaciones de la industria SFF-8643 y SFF-8644.

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Image of FCI's RotaConnect™ Rotatable Board-to-Board Connectors

RotaConnect™ Rotatable Board-to-Board Connectors

A unique rotatable board-to-board SMT connector used to support perpendicular, coplanar and angled connections, in multiple mating/un-mating directions

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Image of FCI's Bergstak® 0.8mm Mezzanine Connectors

BERGSTAK® 0.8 mm Mezzanine Connectors

BERGSTAK 0.8 mm Mezzanine Connectors are versatile high density parallel board-to-board connector system offers twelve PCB stack heights in nine sizes.

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Image of FCI's 1.25 mm Wire-To-Board Connector Series

1.25 mm Wire-To-Board Connector Series

Designed for a wide variety of applications in industrial, automotive, consumer, and white goods sectors.

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AirMax VS Connector System

Server System Infrastructure (SSI) Modular Blade Server Connectors

Duration: 10 minutes

FCI offers a variety of products designed to meet the SSI modular blade specifications including AirMax VS and BergStak connectors.

ZipLine 6 Pair Power IMLA

ZipLine™ Connector System

Duration: 10 minutes

A mechanical overview of the connector system and the various connector module types and configurations.

SAS/SATA Configurations

Storage Drive Connectors Overview

Duration: 5 minutes

FCI provides drive interconnection solutions for the server and storage industry with eight different types of connectors.

FCI Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks

Duration: 5 minutes

FCI’s pluggable and fixed PCB terminal block products and their main specifications.

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Amphenol FCI Connectors

Amphenol FCI Electronics; a guided tour through the various possible applications that can be achieved using Amphenol FCI Electronics Connector systems.

Product launch: MezzoStak...FCI's new 0.50mm Hermaphroditic Mezzanine Connector

Amphenol FCI Electronics introduces a new, cost effective, easy mating, worry free 0.50mm pitch Mezzanine connector called: MezzoStak. An unique new fine pitch mezzanine connector family is now added to the extensive MezzSelect product portfolio.

Mezzselect Tool - Another Geek Moment

Steve Dahl demonstrates how to use the Mezzselect mezzanine connector selection tool from Amphenol FCI, found on the Amphenol FCI featured products page on It only takes about a minute to get the connector you need!

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