CINT/MINT series

Industrial Power Supply Solutions

SL Power Electronics Manufacture of Condor/Ault Brands

This presentation will provide an overview of the Industrial market and various segments served by SL Power and its products, as well as the technical requirements for power supplies used in applications in this market, and SL Power’s product solutions.

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Related Parts
Número de pieza del fabricanteDescripciónRegión utilizadaCantidad disponibleComprar ahora
PW170KB0503F01AC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 5V 10WInternacional625 - Inmediata
PW170KB1203F01AC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 12V 15WInternacional341 - Inmediata
PW170KB0903B01AC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 9V 14WNorteamérica189 - Inmediata
PW172KB2403B01AC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 24V 18WNorteamérica483 - Inmediata
PW172KB1203F01AC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 12V 18WInternacional178 - Inmediata
CENB1010A1203B01AC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 12V 12WNorteamérica238 - Inmediata
PW180KA4800F01POE INJECTOR 20W 48V DESKTOPinyector Midspan1662 - Inmediata
GECA20-5GAC/DC CONVERTER 5.1V 20WArmazón abierto120 - Inmediata
CENB1020A2403B01AC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 24V 20WNorteamérica130 - Inmediata
CENB1030A1203B01AC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 12V 30WNorteamérica2488 - Inmediata
CENB1030A2403B01AC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 24V 30WNorteamérica111 - Inmediata
PW180KB4800F01POE INJECTOR 15.4W 48V DESKTOPinyector Midspan2495 - Inmediata
PW173KB1203B01AC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 12V 30WNorteamérica814 - Inmediata
CENB1040A0503F01AC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 5V 40WInternacional693 - Inmediata
CENB1040A1203F01AC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 12V 40WInternacional241 - Inmediata
PW153KB1203F01AC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 12V 41WInternacional799 - Inmediata
GECA40AGAC/DC CONVERTER 5V +/-12V 40WArmazón abierto101 - Inmediata
CENB1050A1203F01AC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 12V 50WInternacional377 - Inmediata
CENB1050A0503F01AC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 5V 50WInternacional230 - Inmediata
CENB1050A2403F01AC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 24V 50WInternacional119 - Inmediata
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PTM Published on: 2014-03-26