Enclosed speakers

Enclosed Speaker Components

PUI Audio, Inc.

This presentation will provide an overview of the components’ operation and the benefits of the new speaker offerings from PUI Audio, Inc., along with a list of standard available variations. Additionally, some potential applications and methods of use will be discussed.

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Número de pieza del fabricanteDescripciónTipoRango de frecuenciaImpedanciaCantidad disponibleComprar ahora
ASE02008MR-LW150-RSPEAKER ENCLOSURE .5 W 8 OHM 79Magnético800 Hz ~ 20 kHz8 Ohm1014 - Inmediata
ASE03008MR-LW150-RSPEAKER ENCLOSURE 1 W 8 OHM 83 DMagnético550 Hz ~ 18 kHz8 Ohm430 - Inmediata
ASE06008MR-LW150-RSPEAKER ENCLOSURE 3 W 8 OHM 83 DMagnético400 Hz ~ 20 kHz8 Ohm2000 - Inmediata
ASE02808MR-LW150-RSPEAKER ENCLOSURE 2 W 8 OHM 82 DMagnético450 Hz ~ 16 kHz8 Ohm1371 - Inmediata
ASE04508MR-LW150-RSPEAKER ENCLOSURE 3 W 8 OHM 82 DMagnético250 Hz ~ 12 kHz8 Ohm521 - Inmediata
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PTM Published on: 2014-03-06