ARM versus 8 and 16 bit

Migrating from 8/16-Bit MCUs to 32-Bit ARMs

NXP Semiconductors

This training module will present an overview of the ARM7 core and specifically highlight the differences between the ARM7 core and traditional 8 or 16 bit  CISC architectures that many microcontroller customers are familiar with.
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LPC2101FBD48,151IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 8K 48-LQFP4422 - Inmediata
LPC2103FBD48,151IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 32K 48-LQFP1635 - Inmediata
LPC2132FBD64/01,15IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 64K 64-LQFP970 - Inmediata
LPC2368FBD100,551IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 512K 100LQFP4124 - Inmediata
LPC2146FBD64,151IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 256K 64LQFP572 - Inmediata
LPC2378FBD144,551IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 512K 144LQFP1835 - Inmediata
LPC2138FHN64/01,55IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 512K 64-HVQFN2719 - Inmediata
LPC2148FBD64,151IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 512K 64LQFP1363 - Inmediata
LPC2468FBD208,551IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 512K 208-LQFP902 - Inmediata
LPC2468FET208,551IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 512K 208TFBGA573 - Inmediata
LPC2478FBD208,551IC ARM7 MCU 512K LCD 208-LQFP1649 - Inmediata
P87C52X2BA,512IC 80C51 MCU 8K OTP 44-PLCC2613 - Inmediata
P87C51SBAA,512IC 80C51 MCU 4K OTP 44-PLCC1529 - Inmediata
P87C52SBAA,512IC 80C51 MCU 8K OTP 44-PLCC1088 - Inmediata
P87C51FA-4A,512IC 80C51 MCU 8BIT ROMLESS 44PLCC390 - Inmediata
LPC2220FBD144,551IC ARM7 MCU RAM 64K 144-LQFP240 - Inmediata
LPC2364FBD100,551IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 128K 100LQFP8950 - Inmediata
LPC2134FBD64/01,15IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 128K 64-LQFP1031 - Inmediata
LPC2136FBD64/01,15IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 256K 64-LQFP273 - Inmediata
LPC2478FET208,551IC ARM7 MCU 512K LCD 208-TFBGA185 - Inmediata
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-02