RF Fractional Integer N Synthesizer VCO 32TQFN

MAX2870 Wideband PLL Frequency Synthesizer

Maxim Integrated

The purpose of this presentation is to deliver a preliminary tutorial on PLL frequency synthesizers and introduce the MAX2870.  It is designed to help viewers understand where PLL frequency synthesizers are used in wireless communications systems, learn why the PLL synthesizer is important, review the MAX2870 features and benefits, explore some typical applications, and highlight the MAX2870 support tools for evaluation and design-in.
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RF FRACT INTR N SYNTH VCO 32TQFNMAX2870ETJ+RF FRACT INTR N SYNTH VCO 32TQFNTuboSintetizador de número entero y fraccional/VCO23.5 MHz ~ 6 GHz2321 - Inmediata
2340 - Stock en fábrica
RF FRACT INTEGER N SYNTH VCOMAX2870ETJ+TRF FRACT INTEGER N SYNTH VCOCinta y rollo (TR)Sintetizador de número entero y fraccional/VCO23.5 MHz ~ 6 GHz30000 - Stock en fábrica
Eval Kit
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EVAL KIT MAX2870MAX2870EVKIT#EVAL KIT MAX2870Sintetizador de frecuencias23.5 MHz ~ 6 GHzMAX287014 - Inmediata
20 - Stock en fábrica
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PTM Published on: 2014-02-13