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This presentation will provide an overview of Infineon’s Trenchstop™ 5 Family. Topics included range from target applications to features and benefits.

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Número de pieza del fabricanteDescripciónEmpaquetadoVoltaje de interrupción - Colector-emisor (máx.)Cantidad disponibleComprar ahora
IKW40N65H5FKSA1IGBT 650V 74A 255W PG-TO247-3Tubo650 V538 - Inmediata
IKW40N65F5FKSA1IGBT 650V 74A 255W PG-TO247-3Tubo650 V377 - Inmediata
IKW50N65F5FKSA1IGBT 650V 80A 305W PG-TO247-3Tubo650 V425 - Inmediata
IGW40N65F5FKSA1IGBT 650V 74A 255W PG-TO247-3Tubo650 V220 - Inmediata
IGW50N65H5FKSA1IGBT 650V 80A 305W PG-TO247-3Tubo650 V224 - Inmediata
IGP40N65F5XKSA1IGBT 650V 74A 255W PG-TO247-3Tubo650 V527 - Inmediata
IGP40N65H5XKSA1IGBT 650V 74A 255W PG-TO247-3Tubo650 V515 - Inmediata
IGW40N65H5FKSA1IGBT 650V 74A 255W PG-TO247-3Tubo650 V265 - Inmediata
IGW50N65F5FKSA1IGBT 650V 80A 305W PG-TO247-3Tubo650 V257 - Inmediata
IKP08N65F5XKSA1IGBT 650V 18A 70W PG-TO247-3Tubo650 V507 - Inmediata
IKP15N65F5XKSA1IGBT 650V 30A 105W PG-TO220-3Tubo650 V500 - Inmediata
IKP15N65H5XKSA1IGBT 650V 30A 105W PG-TO220-3Tubo650 V201 - Inmediata
IKA08N65H5XKSA1IGBT 650V 10.8A 31.2W PG-TO247-3Tubo650 V450 - Inmediata
IKA08N65F5XKSA1IGBT 650V 10.8A 31.2W TO220-3Tubo650 V475 - Inmediata
IKA15N65H5XKSA1IGBT 650V 14A 33.3W PG-TO247-3Tubo650 V518 - Inmediata
IKA15N65F5XKSA1IGBT 650V 14A 33.3W PG-TO220-3FPTubo650 V491 - Inmediata
IKW50N65H5FKSA1IGBT 650V 80A 305W PG-TO247-3Tubo650 V0
IKP08N65H5XKSA1IGBT 650V 18A 70W PG-TO247-3Tubo650 V19 - Inmediata
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PTM Published on: 2014-03-18