SHP650 / MHP650 Series – 650 W AC-DC Power Supply

XP Power introduces compact 650 W AC/DC power supplies for medical or industrial applications

Image of XP Power's SHP650 / MHP650 Series – 650 W AC-DC Power SupplyXP Power introduces the SHP650 and MHP650 series of single-output high-power density fan cooled AC/DC power supplies. The MHP650 range meets the IEC60601-1 safety specification for medical equipment while the SHP650 range compiles with the IEC60950 standard for IT and industrial equipment. Both series are highly efficient, typically 86%, and have a high-power density of 8.2 W per cubic inch.

Three mechanical mounting formats are available to provide design-in flexibility. Two fan-cooled formats provide the option of having the fan mounted internally on the top or externally mounted on the end of the unit. The integral fan speed is load dependent to aid minimizing noise. By using the U channel format designers can supply their own airflow; only 5.5 m per second forced airflow is required. A 12 VDC, 6 W fan supply is provided when using this format.

All units operate from a universal 85-264 VAC input range with full-power available from 90 VAC. The operating temperature range is -20ºC to 70ºC with no derating below 50°C.

Each series offers six output voltage variants covering the nominal voltages of 12, 15, 24, 28, 36, or 48 VDC, and can be trimmed within +/- 10% of nominal. A 5 VDC, 1 W always on output is also provided for standby purposes. The SHP and MHP ranges feature a constant current overload characteristic making them suitable for motor and other industrial type loads.

SHP650 Series
Número de pieza del fabricanteDescripciónTipoNo. de salidasEntrada de voltajeCantidad disponibleComprar ahora
SHP650PS28-EFAC/DC CONVERTER 28V 650WEncerrado185 ~ 264 VCA22 - Inmediata
SHP650PS48-EFAC/DC CONVERTER 48V 650WEncerrado185 ~ 264 VCA16 - Inmediata
SHP650PS12-EFAC/DC CONVERTER 12V 650WEncerrado185 ~ 264 VCA10 - Inmediata
SHP650PS24-EFAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 650WEncerrado185 ~ 264 VCA8 - Inmediata
SHP650PS36-EFAC/DC CONVERTER 36V 650WEncerrado185 ~ 264 VCA3 - Inmediata
SHP650PS15-EFAC/DC CONVERTER 15V 650WEncerrado185 ~ 264 VCA11 - Inmediata
MHP650 Series
Número de pieza del fabricanteDescripciónTipoNo. de salidasEntrada de voltajeCantidad disponibleComprar ahora
MHP650PS24-EFAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 648WEncerrado185 ~ 264 VCA12 - Inmediata
MHP650PS15-EFAC/DC CONVERTER 15V 601WEncerrado185 ~ 264 VCA5 - Inmediata
MHP650PS12-EFAC/DC CONVERTER 12V 601WEncerrado185 ~ 264 VCA4 - Inmediata
MHP650PS28-EFAC/DC CONVERTER 28V 644WEncerrado185 ~ 264 VCA0
Publicado: 2014-01-07