PM Series

Weidmüller’s PM series one-piece terminal blocks provide high-density component assembly

Image of Weidmuller's PM SeriesThe PM series one-piece terminal blocks are available with a 0.200" (5.08 mm) pitch and are part of the OMNIMATE Signal family of connectors from Weidmüller. With a simple and direct terminal connection to the circuit board, the terminal provides high-density component assembly with good usability despite the compact dimensions.

The PM series utilizes a leaf-spring termination method. The leaf-spring screw connection is the oldest method on the market for connecting a conductor. The leaf spring below the screw reliably prevents damage to the conductor when the clamp screw is tightened. The leaf spring is a simplified connection, yet suited for the requirements of building automation connection technology.


Features Applications
  • A particularly simple connection solution suited to less demanding environmental conditions
  • High power density in a small footprint
  • Control and building industries
    • Sensor actuator interfaces
    • Power supplies
PM Series
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1760510000TERM BLOCK PCB 2POS 5.08MM BLACK124950 - Inmediata
84000 - Stock en fábrica
1760520000TERM BLOCK PCB 3POS 5.08MM BLACK133369 - Inmediata
57000 - Stock en fábrica
1760490000CONN TERM BLOCK 5.08MM 2POS OR129253 - Inmediata
5500 - Stock en fábrica
1760500000CONN TERM BLOCK 5.08MM 3POS OR13539 - Inmediata
9000 - Stock en fábrica
1791640000CONN TERM BLOCK PCB 5MM 3POS BK13660 - Inmediata
4000 - Stock en fábrica
Publicado: 2013-10-14