9070 Smart Vibration Meter

TPI offers the 9070 vibration monitoring and analysis tool

Image of TPI's 9070 Smart Vibration MeterTPI's 9070 smart vibration meter offers vibration analysis at the touch of a button and analyzes and interprets readings. Overall machine and bearing conditions: vibration values are displayed with color-coded alarm levels for ISO values and Bearing Damage (BDU).

The 9070 is a simple-to-use vibration monitoring and analysis tool that allows easy display of vibration signals. The meter automatically per-forms vibration analysis functions based on machine running speed to help diagnose faults such as unbalance, misalignment, and looseness.

The system is designed to enable a user to take vibration measurements from assets (e.g. pumps, motors, fans, and bearings). The unit displays vibration frequency plots and allows vibration severity and bearing condition to be monitored.

Features and Benefits
  • ISO built-in alarms
  • Identifies bearing problems with BDU reading
  • Identifies problems with built-in band filters
    • 1X (unbalance)
    • 2X (misalignment)
    • 3X (looseness)
  • 800 line FFT (spectrum)
  • Ruggedized IP67 case
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Full-color OLED display
  • Built-in accelerometer with stinger. Optional long stinger and magnetic mount available

9070 Smart Vibration Meter

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Publicado: 2014-02-19