TPA3131D2 Stereo Audio Amplifier

Texas Instruments offers 7 W filter-free Class-D stereo amplifiers in space-saving QFN

Image of Texas Instruments' TPA3131D2 Stereo Audio Amplifier

The TPA3131 is a 7 W stereo audio amplifier and the first Class-D amplifier with a package small enough and voltage rail low enough to fit into an ultrabook application. It drives more than 3x the power output of integrated amplifiers, allowing for louder, clearer audio than standard ultrabooks. It also features efficient Class-D technology, allowing for longer battery life. The TPA3131's efficient operation and ability to provide the most power output per square millimeter of board space make it a must have for ultrabooks, Bluetooth® speakers, convertible PCs, and speaker amplifiers.

  • 7 W stereo output provides more than 3x the power output of integrated amplifiers
  • Small QFN package (5 x 5 mm²) simplifies design layout and allows the most power output/ mm² of board space
  • Less than 50 µA quiescent power consumption allows for longer standby battery life
  • Wide 4.5 V to 26 V supply range for AC powered or 3S battery configured systems
  • Up to 92% efficient Class-D operation extends battery life
TPA3131D2 Stereo Audio Amplifier
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Publicado: 2014-04-10