RMW Series Tubing

TE Connectivity's RMW series offers medium-wall, heat-shrinkable tubing specifically designed for use in a broad-range of low-voltage applications

Image of TE Connectivity's RMW Series TubingTE Connectivity's rugged, medium-wall RMW tubing is specifically designed for use in a broad range of low-voltage applications. RMW is tough and flexible, making it particularly suited for the insulation and protection of cable joints in low-voltage electrical systems, as well as for cable repair. Uncoated RMW provides insulation and strain relief. Adhesive-lined RMW also provides an environmental seal. RMW is a good choice for applications where maximum reliability product performance and simplified installation are required.

Features Applications
  • Withstands mechanical abuse for increased product reliability
  • Resistant to impact, abrasion, chemicals, and moisture
  • Adhesive-lined version provides a complete moisture-proof seal preventing corrosion of underlying components
  • Adhesive liner specially formulated to seal to most common insulation materials including crosslinked polyolefin, PVC, neoprene, and other elastomeric materials, as well as most metals
  • Available in sizes ranging from 10 mm to 285 mm as supplied to cover a wide-range of cable sizes and splice diameters
  • Fast-and-easy installation with a torch or heat gun
  • High-shrink ratio to cover uneven substrates
  • UV resistant
  • RoHS compliant
RMW Series Tubing
Número de pieza del fabricanteDescripciónRelación de contracciónLongitudCantidad disponibleComprar ahora
RMW-10/3-1200/ADH-0HEAT SHRINK TUBING3 a 13.94' (1.20 m)256 - Inmediata
RMW-25/8-1200/ADH-0HEAT SHRINK TUBING3 a 13.94' (1.20 m)216 - Inmediata
RMW-16/5-1200/ADH-0HEAT SHRINK TUBING3 a 13.94' (1.20 m)246 - Inmediata
RMW-35/12-1200/ADH-0HEAT SHRINK TUBING3 a 13.94' (1.20 m)177 - Inmediata
RMW-95/29-1200/ADH-0HEAT SHRINK TUBING3 a 13.94' (1.20 m)101 - Inmediata
RMW-115/34-1200/ADH-0HEAT SHRINK TUBING3 a 13.94' (1.20 m)112 - Inmediata
RMW-50/16-1200/ADH-0HEAT SHRINK TUBING3 a 13.94' (1.20 m)69 - Inmediata
RMW-75/22-1200/ADH-0HEAT SHRINK TUBING3 a 13.94' (1.20 m)70 - Inmediata
RMW-180/60-1200/ADH-0HEATSHRINK RHW POLY 180MMX4' BLK3 a 13.94' (1.20 m)86 - Inmediata
RMW-85/25-1200/ADH-0HEATSHRINK RHW POLY 85MMX4' BLK3 a 13.94' (1.20 m)31 - Inmediata
RMW-140/42-1200/ADH-0HEAT SHRINK TUBING3 a 13.94' (1.20 m)72 - Inmediata
RMW-160/50-1200/ADH-0HEATSHRINK RHW POLY 160MMX4' BLK3 a 13.94' (1.20 m)53 - Inmediata
RMW-63/19-1200/ADH-0HEAT SHRINK TUBING3 a 13.94' (1.20 m)18 - Inmediata
Publicado: 2014-02-25