Ultra-Thin Receiving Coil Unit

TDK's ultra-thin receiving coil unit for wireless power transfer

Image of TDK Ultra-Thin Receiving Coil UnitTDK Corporation's wireless power transfer coil unit is designed for smartphones and other mobile devices. The receiving coil is designed for integration in smartphones, representing an industry-leading achievement, featuring a mere 0.57 mm thickness.

The coil unit not only is ultra-thin and lightweight, it is also highly resistant to shock and therefore provides excellent reliability. Furthermore, in spite of its 0.57 mm profile, the coil's design minimizes the tendency towards rising resistance and achieves a power transfer efficiency that allows clearing the requirements of the WPC "Qi" standard. The low height of the unit is a key aspect for use in smartphones.


  • Chargers for smart phones
  • Digital cameras
  • Bluetooth headsets

Coil Unit for Wireless Power Transfer

ImagenNúmero de pieza del fabricanteDescripciónTipoInductanciaCantidad disponible
WR303050-15F5-G datasheet linkRX 1 COIL 1 LAYER 12.3UHWR303050-15F5-GRX 1 COIL 1 LAYER 12.3UH1 Espiral, 1 capa12.3 µH412 - Inmediata
Enlace de la página del producto WR303050-15F5-G
WR483245-15F5-G datasheet linkRX 1 COIL 1 LAYER 13UHWR483245-15F5-GRX 1 COIL 1 LAYER 13UH1 Espiral, 1 capa13 µH696 - Inmediata
Enlace de la página del producto WR483245-15F5-G
WT505090-10K2-A11-G datasheet linkTX 1 COIL 1 LAYER 6.3UHWT505090-10K2-A11-GTX 1 COIL 1 LAYER 6.3UH1 Espiral, 1 capa6.3 µH1142 - Inmediata
Enlace de la página del producto WT505090-10K2-A11-G
WT505090-20K2-A10-G datasheet linkTX 1 COIL 2 LAYER 24UHWT505090-20K2-A10-GTX 1 COIL 2 LAYER 24UH1 Espiral, 2 capa24 µH110 - Inmediata
Enlace de la página del producto WT505090-20K2-A10-G
WR483265-15F5-G datasheet linkRX 1 COIL, 1 LAYER 13.3UHWR483265-15F5-GRX 1 COIL, 1 LAYER 13.3UH1 Espiral, 1 capa13.3 µH247 - Inmediata
Enlace de la página del producto WR483265-15F5-G
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Publicado: 2013-06-05