3030 Linear LED Modules

Seoul’s 3030 linear modules are designed to minimize the number of LEDs in flat-lighting applications, providing a low-cost solution

Image of Seoul Semiconductor's 3030 Linear LED ModulesSeoul's 3030 linear LED module was developed specifically for troffer, panel, and backlighting products. This linear strip uses a high-lumen-per-dollar 3030 LED package with a patented optic which minimizes the LED count to optimize system efficacy and cost, and decreases the depth of the fixture by being able to place a diffuser only 25.4 mm from the LED board. The patented optic spreads the beam angle of the LED to 150 degrees which enables using one higher-power LED, unlike typical designs which utilize 3-4 mid-power LEDs, giving a very uniform light-output without any hot spots.

  • Allows for slim-design
  • Minimizes the number of LEDs
  • Best-uniformity
  • Allows weight reduction
  • Lead-free
  • RoHS compliant
3030 Linear LED Modules
ImageNúmero de pieza del fabricanteDescripciónColorCantidad disponibleComprar ahora
LED 3030 LINEAR STRIPSMJF-LF08G00-XXLED 3030 LINEAR STRIPBlanco cálido580 - Inmediata
LED 3030 LINEAR STRIPSMJF-LF08C00-XXLED 3030 LINEAR STRIPBlanco frío843 - Inmediata
LED 3030 LINEAR STRIPSMJF-LF08E00-XXLED 3030 LINEAR STRIPBlanco neutro723 - Inmediata
Publicado: 2014-03-19