LUMILEDS' superior flux-density, efficiency, and design freedom in the industry’s only micro-package UV LED

Image of LUMILEDS' LUXEON UV LEDsAt 1/5 the size of other ultraviolet and violet LEDs, LUXEON UV is the industry’s smallest-footprint high-power emitter. LUXEON UV LEDs can be assembled in tight arrays with spacing of only 200 microns, which enables highest power density (W/cm²) systems. The product delivers superior-efficiency, undomed for precise optical control, and a portfolio covering ultraviolet (380-400 nm) and violet (400-430 nm) light.

Features Applications
  • 2.2 mm² micro footprint enabling highest array irradiances (W/cm²)
  • 1 A max drive current enabling more flux per LED
  • AlN substrate providing Rth as low as 3.5 K/W
  • Up to 45% efficiency, reducing heat management
  • Undomed for precise optical control
  • Curing
  • Specialty lighting
  • Security/forensic
  • Scientific

Número de pieza del fabricanteDescripciónTipoCorriente continua - Directa (If)Cantidad disponibleComprar ahora
LHUV-0425-0600EMITTER VISIBL 430NM 500MA WFDFNVisible500 mA0
LHUV-0400-0500EMITTER UV 405NM 500MA WFDFNUV500 mA0
LHUV-0405-0650EMITTER UV 410NM 500MA WFDFNUV500 mA0
LHUV-0410-0650EMITTER UV 415NM 500MA WFDFNUV500 mA0
LHUV-0415-0650EMITTER UV 420NM 500MA WFDFNUV500 mA0
LHUV-0420-0650EMITTER VISIBL 425NM 500MA WFDFNVisible500 mA0
LHUV-0390-0450EMITTER UV 395NM 500MA WFDFNUV500 mA0
LHUV-0395-0500EMITTER UV 400NM 500MA WFDFNUV500 mA0
LHUV-0380-0300EMITTER UV 385NM 500MA WFDFNUV500 mA0
LHUV-0385-0350EMITTER UV 390NM 500MA WFDFNUV500 mA0
Publicado: 2013-11-06