Crimp Pins

Mill-Max offers crimp pins to their selection of wire-termination products

Image of Mill-Max's Crimp Pins These pins are commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) equivalents to the popular Mil-Spec M39029 crimp pins. If your application does not require Mil-Spec components but demands the same reliability and form-factor, then these pins will fit the bill.

There are five different terminals to choose from, all precision-machined to the highest quality and available in both gold and tin-plating options. Each of the pins has an inspection hole for viewing the wire during the crimping process and for promoting plating coverage inside the crimp hole.

Features and Benefits
  • Crimp pins are ideal components for making cable assemblies. They conform to the dimensions of the Mil-Spec parts; the same crimp tooling can be used to terminate the wires.

Crimp Pins

ImagenNúmero de pieza del fabricanteDescripciónCantidad disponible
CONN PC PIN CIRC 0.030DIA GOLD3922-0-01-15-00-00-08-0CONN PC PIN CIRC 0.030DIA GOLD1549 - Inmediata
Enlace de la página del producto 3922-0-01-15-00-00-08-0
CONN PC PIN CIRC 0.040DIA GOLD3920-0-01-15-00-00-08-0CONN PC PIN CIRC 0.040DIA GOLD672 - Inmediata
Enlace de la página del producto 3920-0-01-15-00-00-08-0
CONN PC PIN CIRC 0.063DIA GOLD3916-0-01-15-00-00-08-0CONN PC PIN CIRC 0.063DIA GOLD902 - Inmediata
Enlace de la página del producto 3916-0-01-15-00-00-08-0
CONN PC PIN CIRC 0.077DIA GOLD3914-0-01-15-00-00-08-0CONN PC PIN CIRC 0.077DIA GOLD894 - Inmediata
Enlace de la página del producto 3914-0-01-15-00-00-08-0
CONN PC PIN CIRC 0.094DIA GOLD3912-0-01-15-00-00-08-0CONN PC PIN CIRC 0.094DIA GOLD972 - Inmediata
Enlace de la página del producto 3912-0-01-15-00-00-08-0
Publicado: 2014-02-18