dsPIC33EP Series DSCs for Motor Control, Digital Power and Sensing

Microchip offers their dsPIC33EP series of microcontrollers with 70 MIPS performance for real-time control

Image of Microchip Technology's dsPIC33EP Series DSCs for Motor Control, Digital Power and Sensing

Microchip’s dsPIC33E family of digital signal controllers (DSCs) features a 70 MIPS dsPIC® DSC core with integrated DSP and enhanced on-chip peripherals. These DSCs enable the design of high-performance, precision motor control systems that are more energy efficient, quieter in operation, and have a great range and extended life. They can be used to control brushless DC, permanent magnet synchronous, AC induction and stepper motors. These devices are also ideal for high-performance general-purpose applications.

Development Boards
Número de pieza del fabricanteDescripciónCantidad disponibleComprar ahora
DM330021-2BOARD DEV DSPICDEM MCLV-213 - Inmediata
MA330031-2MOD PIM DSPIC33EP256MC506 EXT OA6 - Inmediata
dsPIC33EP Series Microcontrollers
Número de pieza del fabricanteDescripciónCantidad disponibleComprar ahora
DSPIC33EP64MC502-I/MMIC DSC 16BIT 64KB FLASH 28QFNS198 - Inmediata
DSPIC33EP64MC504-I/MLIC DSC 16BIT 64KB FLASH 44QFN198 - Inmediata
DSPIC33EP64MC506-I/PTIC DSC 16BIT 64KB FLASH 64TQFP139 - Inmediata
DSPIC33EP128MC506-I/PTIC DSC 16BIT 128KB FLASH 64TQFP244 - Inmediata
DSPIC33EP256MC502-I/SPIC DSC 16BIT 256KB FLASH 28SDIP111 - Inmediata
DSPIC33EP64MC502-I/SPIC DSC 16BIT 64KB FLASH 28SDIP118 - Inmediata
DSPIC33EP128MC504-I/PTIC DSC 16BIT 128KB FLASH 44TQFP163 - Inmediata
DSPIC33EP256MC506-I/MRIC DSC 16BIT 256KB FLASH 64QFN160 - Inmediata
DSPIC33EP64MC502-I/SOIC DSC 16BIT 64KB FLASH 28SOIC123 - Inmediata
DSPIC33EP128MC504-I/MLIC DSC 16BIT 128KB FLASH 44QFN212 - Inmediata
DSPIC33EP256MC502-I/SOIC DSC 16BIT 256KB FLASH 28SOIC208 - Inmediata
DSPIC33EP256MC502-I/MMIC DSC 16BIT 256KB FLASH 28QFN169 - Inmediata
DSPIC33EP256MC506-I/PTIC DSC 16BIT 256KB FLASH 64TQFP44 - Inmediata
DSPIC33EP256MC502-I/SSIC DSC 16BIT 256KB FLASH 28SSOP88 - Inmediata
DSPIC33EP256MC504-I/PTIC DSC 16BIT 256KB FLASH 44TQFP72 - Inmediata
DSPIC33EP128MC502-I/SOIC DSC 16BIT 128KB FLASH 28SOIC52 - Inmediata
DSPIC33EP128MC502-I/MMIC DSC 16BIT 128KB FLASH 28-QFNS44 - Inmediata
DSPIC33EP128MC504-I/TLIC DSC 16BIT 128KB FLASH 44VTLA53 - Inmediata
DSPIC33EP128MC506-I/MRIC DSC 16BIT 128KB FLASH 64QFN50 - Inmediata
DSPIC33EP256MC504-I/MLIC DSC 16BIT 256KB FLASH 44QFN26 - Inmediata
DSPIC33EP128MC502-I/SSIC DSC 16BIT 128KB FLASH 28SSOP39 - Inmediata
DSPIC33EP64MC506-I/MRIC DSC 16BIT 64KB FLASH 64QFN34 - Inmediata
DSPIC33EP64MC502-I/SSIC DSC 16BIT 64KB FLASH 28TSSOP20 - Inmediata
DSPIC33EP128MC502-I/SPIC DSC 16BIT 128KB FLASH 28SDIP8 - Inmediata
DSPIC33EP256MC504-I/TLIC DSC 16BIT 256KB FLASH 44VTLA25 - Inmediata
Publicado: 2014-01-17