SR Series

Knowles' SR series is the first-ever round-balanced armature receiver to be available in the marketplace

Image of Knowles' SR Series At 6.40 mm in diameter, the SR is the first round-balanced armature receiver in the marketplace. SR maximizes bass performance while providing crystal-clear treble for a full-range response in a small package easily adapted to dynamic earphone designs.

Features and Benefits
  • Round package
  • Drop-in upgrade for moving coil dynamic speakers
  • Designed for high volume production
  • Hearing aids
  • Personal sound amplification products (PSAP)
  • Ear monitors
  • Music earphone
  • Communication headsets
  • Communication devices
  • Sensing applications
SR Series Receivers
ImageNúmero de pieza del fabricanteDescripciónRango de frecuenciaImpedanciaCantidad disponibleComprar ahora
RECEIVER 100HZ-9.5KHZSR6438NWS-000RECEIVER 100HZ-9.5KHZ200 Hz ~ 9.5 kHz55.5 Ohm882 - Inmediata
MINI SIRENS RECEIVERSR-31843-000MINI SIRENS RECEIVER200 Hz ~ 9.1 kHz46 Ohm108 - Inmediata
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Publicado: 2013-12-10