BM20 0.4 mm Pitch Board-to-Board/Board-to-FPC

Hirose offers BM20 Series Connectors

Image of Hirose Electric's BM20 0.4 mm Pitch Board-to-Board/Board-to-FPC The BM20 series from Hirose Electric is a 0.4 mm contact pitch Board-to-Board/Board-to-FPC connector with a stack height of 0.8 mm. There is no restriction on pattern design, as the thin molding technology maintains the effective mating length of 0.2 mm while achieving complete insulation between the bottom side of the connector and the board.

The BM20 series has a mating self-alignment of 0.3 mm which is secured by the guide ribs. It has a shock-absorbing configuration with a dimple on the contact for connector robustness. This series is RoHS compliant and Halogen-free and is available in positions 10, 20, 24, 34, and 40.

Features and Benefits
  • Current capacity of 0.3 A
  • 30 VAC voltage rating
  • Board-to-Board/Board-to-FPC connector
  • 2.3 mm depth
  • Clear tactile click when mated
BM20 Series Connectors
ImageNúmero de pieza del fabricanteDescripciónCantidad de posicionesCantidad disponibleComprar ahora
CONN RECEPT 10POS 0.4MM SMDBM20B(0.8)-10DS-0.4V(53)CONN RECEPT 10POS 0.4MM SMD102207 - Inmediata
CONN RECEPT 20POS 0.4MM SMDBM20B(0.8)-20DS-0.4V(53)CONN RECEPT 20POS 0.4MM SMD201850 - Inmediata
CONN HDR 20POS 0.4MM SMDBM20B(0.8)-20DP-0.4V(53)CONN HDR 20POS 0.4MM SMD202850 - Inmediata
CONN RECEPT 24POS 0.4MM SMDBM20B(0.8)-24DS-0.4V(53)CONN RECEPT 24POS 0.4MM SMD241340 - Inmediata
CONN HDR 30POS 0.4MM SMDBM20B(0.8)-30DP-0.4V(53)CONN HDR 30POS 0.4MM SMD301397 - Inmediata
CONN HDR 24POS 0.4MM SMDBM20B(0.8)-24DP-0.4V(53)CONN HDR 24POS 0.4MM SMD241683 - Inmediata
CONN HDR 34POS 0.4MM SMDBM20B(0.8)-34DP-0.4V(53)CONN HDR 34POS 0.4MM SMD341306 - Inmediata
CONN RECEPT 40POS 0.4MM SMDBM20B(0.8)-40DS-0.4V(53)CONN RECEPT 40POS 0.4MM SMD401764 - Inmediata
CONN RCPT 10POS 0.4MM SMDBM20B(0.6)-10DS-0.4V(53)CONN RCPT 10POS 0.4MM SMD101000 - Inmediata
CONN RCPT 20POS 0.4MM SMDBM20B(0.6)-20DS-0.4V(53)CONN RCPT 20POS 0.4MM SMD201000 - Inmediata
CONN RCPT 30POS 0.4MM SMDBM20B(0.6)-30DS-0.4V(53)CONN RCPT 30POS 0.4MM SMD301000 - Inmediata
CONN RCPT 34POS 0.4MM SMDBM20B(0.6)-34DS-0.4V(53)CONN RCPT 34POS 0.4MM SMD341000 - Inmediata
CONN RCPT 50POS 0.4MM SMDBM20B(0.6)-50DS-0.4V(53)CONN RCPT 50POS 0.4MM SMD501000 - Inmediata
CONN HDR 10POS 0.4MM SMDBM20B(0.8)-10DP-0.4V(53)CONN HDR 10POS 0.4MM SMD10766 - Inmediata
CONN HDR 40POS 0.4MM SMDBM20B(0.8)-40DP-0.4V(53)CONN HDR 40POS 0.4MM SMD40951 - Inmediata
CONN RECEPT 30POS 0.4MM SMDBM20B(0.8)-30DS-0.4V(53)CONN RECEPT 30POS 0.4MM SMD3092 - Inmediata
CONN HDR 10POS 0.4MM SMDBM20B(0.6)-10DP-0.4V(53)CONN HDR 10POS 0.4MM SMD100
CONN HDR 20POS 0.4MM SMDBM20B(0.6)-20DP-0.4V(53)CONN HDR 20POS 0.4MM SMD200
CONN HDR 24POS 0.4MM SMDBM20B(0.6)-24DP-0.4V(53)CONN HDR 24POS 0.4MM SMD240
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Publicado: 2014-03-14