FAN6224 SR Controller

Fairchild's FAN6224 high- and low-side synchronous rectification controller for flyback and forward freewheeling rectification

Image of Fairchild's FAN6224 SR ControllerThe FAN6224 is the first SR high- and low-side controller device in Fairchild's mWSaver™ technology series. Equipped with internal, adjustable load-level, Green Mode operation, the device stops all SR switching operation, and provides reduced no-load power consumption.

Utilizing a linear-predict timing-control technique, the device employs a simple control method without current-sense circuitry for noise immunity, making it ideally suited for high- and low-side flyback converters in continuous or discontinuous conduction mode (CCM and DCM) and quasi-resonant (QR) systems.

For maximum design flexibility, the FAN6224 provides PWM frequency tracking and secondary-side winding voltage and is able to operate in both fixed- and variable-frequency systems up to 140 kHz.


  • AC-DC NB adapters
  • Open-frame SMPS


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Publicado: 2013-01-02