GE Series Filters

Delta Product Group's GE series offers high-performance, general-purpose filters

Image of Delta Product Groups / EMI's GE Series FiltersDelta's GE series was developed for devices that need a high-level of EMI suppression such as in electrical, test and measurement, office automation, and data-communication equipment applications. This high-performance, general-purpose filter series incorporates an IEC connector and option bleeder resistors and Y-Caps from 100 pF to 3300 pF. Various mounting options include snap-in versions and standard or wide mounting flanges, enabling maximum flexibility for assembly and installation. All numbers are UL recognized, CSA certified, and VDE approved. The GE series is designed for a maximum continuous operating voltage of 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz, and a current rating of 1 A to 20 A.

GE Series Filters
Número de pieza del fabricanteDescripciónEstilo de conectorTipo de filtroCantidad disponibleComprar ahora
10GEEG3EFILTER IEC CONNECTOR 115/250VACIEC 320-C14 (clavijas macho)Propósito general295 - Inmediata
03GEEG3EFILTER IEC CONNECTOR 115/250VACIEC 320-C14 (clavijas macho)Propósito general370 - Inmediata
15GEEG3EFILTER IEC CONNECTOR 115/250VACIEC 320-C14 (clavijas macho)Propósito general0
06GENG3EFILTER IEC CONNECTOR 115/250VACIEC 320-C14 (clavijas macho)EMI1982 - Inmediata
15GEEW3EFILTER IEC CONNECTOR 115/250VACIEC 320-C14 (clavijas macho)EMI377 - Inmediata
10GEEG3E-RFILTER IEC INLET 10A RESISTORIEC 320-C14 (clavijas macho)Propósito general248 - Inmediata
03GENG3EFILTER IEC CONN 115/250VAC 3AIEC 320-C14 (clavijas macho)EMI699 - Inmediata
15GEEG3E-RFILTER IEC INLET 15A RESISTORIEC 320-C14 (clavijas macho)Propósito general640 - Inmediata
06GENG3E-R(H)FILTER IEC 6A 250VAC RESISTORIEC 320-C14 (clavijas macho)EMI630 - Inmediata
20GEEG3EFILTER IEC CONNECTOR 125/250VACIEC 320-C20 (clavijas macho)EMI184 - Inmediata
03GEEG3EMFILTER IEC CONNECTOR 115/250VACIEC 320-C14 (clavijas macho)Médico192 - Inmediata
03GEEG3E-RFILTER IEC INLET 3A RESISTORIEC 320-C14 (clavijas macho)Propósito general289 - Inmediata
03GEEW3EFILTER IEC CONNECTOR 115/250VACIEC 320-C14 (clavijas macho)EMI211 - Inmediata
06GEEW3EFILTER IEC CONNECTOR 115/250VACIEC 320-C14 (clavijas macho)EMI125 - Inmediata
03GENG3E-R(H)FILTER IEC 3A 250VAC RESISTORIEC 320-C14 (clavijas macho)EMI202 - Inmediata
10GENG3E-R(H)FILTER IEC 10A 250VAC RESISTORIEC 320-C14 (clavijas macho)EMI142 - Inmediata
20GENG3E-RFILTER IEC CONN 20A RESISTORIEC 320-C20 (clavijas macho)EMI121 - Inmediata
06GEEG3E-RFILTER IEC INLET 6A RESISTORIEC 320-C14 (clavijas macho)Propósito general57 - Inmediata
20GEEW3EFILTER IEC CONNECTOR 125/250VACIEC 320-C20 (clavijas macho)EMI93 - Inmediata
20GEEG3E-RFILTER IEC CONN 20A RESISTORIEC 320-C20 (clavijas macho)EMI92 - Inmediata
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Publicado: 2014-02-24