Gas Discharge Tubes

Bourns adds heavy-duty precision gas discharge tubes

Bourns' Gas Discharge Tube Bourns is pleased to announce the release of the Model 2046 and 2028 Series of 8 x 10 mm Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) products. The new GDTs are primarily targeted to telecom applications requiring ITU compliance but are suitable for use in many other applications. The GDTs are 3-electrode devices with a maximum 8/20 µs surge-current rating of up to 30 kA. Model 2028 and 2046 are offered as a core package for cassette or radial leaded for through-hole applications. An optional fail-short mechanism is available for thermal runaway protection.

Features Applications
  • Long and stable service life
  • Low leakage
  • Low capacitance
  • High surge current rating
  • Optional fail-short mechanism available on some models
  • Telecommunications CPE and network equipment
  • Industrial electronics, power supplies
  • Data communications
  • Consumer electronics
  • Medical equipment
2028 Series
ImageNúmero de pieza del fabricanteDescripciónVoltaje: descarga disruptiva nominal de CCCorriente de descarga de impulsos (8/20µs)Cantidad disponibleComprar ahora
GDT 230V 20% 20KA2028-23-ALFGDT 230V 20% 20KA230 V20000 A (20 kA)225 - Inmediata
GDT 250V 20% 20KA2028-25-ALFGDT 250V 20% 20KA250 V20000 A (20 kA)224 - Inmediata
GDT 350V 20% 20KA2028-35-ALFGDT 350V 20% 20KA350 V20000 A (20 kA)224 - Inmediata
GDT 420V 20% 20KA2028-42-ALFGDT 420V 20% 20KA420 V20000 A (20 kA)224 - Inmediata
GDT 250V 20% 20KA THROUGH HOLE2028-25-C2LFGDT 250V 20% 20KA THROUGH HOLE250 V20000 A (20 kA)150 - Inmediata
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Publicado: 2013-07-12