Wi-Fi Modules

BlueGiga introduces the WF111 and WF121 Wi-Fi modules

Image of BlueGiga Technologies' Wi-Fi ModulesThe WF111 and WF121 from BlueGiga provide 802.11b/g/n connectivity for applications. The WF111 is a simple low-cost solution designed for battery-powered applications and other devices that run an operating system and TCP/IP stack on-board, but still can use the benefits of a module with tightly-integrated electronics, certifications, and simple design in capability. Drivers are available for Linux and Android operating systems. The WF121 is a stand-alone Wi-Fi module providing a fully-integrated 802.11b/g/n radio, TCP/IP stack, and 32-bit MCU platform for embedded applications.

Wi-Fi Modules
Número de pieza del fabricanteDescripciónVelocidad de datos (máx.)Cantidad disponibleComprar ahora
WF111-E-V1WIFI MODULE U.FL ANTENNA72.2 Mbps2079 - Inmediata
WF111-A-V1WIFI MODULE INT ANTENNA72.2 Mbps953 - Inmediata
WF121-E-V2WIFI MODULE U.FL ANTENNA72.2 Mbps214 - Inmediata
WF121-A-V2WIFI MODULE INT ANTENNA72.2 Mbps279 - Inmediata
DKWF111EVAL BOARD WF111WF11111 - Inmediata
DKWF121EVAL BOARD WF121WF12112 - Inmediata
Publicado: 2013-10-21