IP56 Rated XFlow SynJets®

Aavid Thermalloy's XFlow 42 Series SynJets® offer small, powerful, reliable solutions for outdoor LED and electronics cooling

Image of Aavid Thermalloy's IP56 Rated XFlow SynJetsAavid Thermalloy introduces a new line of outdoor SynJets, the XFlow 42 Series. The unique technology of these fanless air movers makes them ideal for outdoor LED and electronics cooling. The frictionless design ensures durability and prevents breakdowns due to dirt, dust, rain water, salt spray, and fog. Additionally the outdoor SynJets are developed to withstand extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, high humidity, and corrosive or oily atmospheres. In areas where active cooling is typically not an option, the XFlow 42 outdoor SynJets are the ideal solution for creating up to 60% smaller, more powerful designs while maintaining high reliability.

  • Maximum thermal wattage
    • 93 W with the L100-90 heatsink (1 module)
    • 174 W with the L100-180 heatsink (2 modules)
    • 235 W with the L100-270 heatsink (3 modules)
  • Size: 178 mm x 90 mm x 45 mm (L x W x H)
  • Input: 5 V or 12 VDC with choice of level select or PWM control
  • Outdoor acoustic settings: 20-32 dBA
IP56 Rated XFlow SynJets®
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Publicado: 2013-08-27