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The goal of the Sensor TechZone is to provide technical resources and further aid in the selection of sensors offered at Digi-Key. Our offering includes acceleration, inclination, navigational, current, environmental, imaging, liquid, positioning, pressure, force, and temperature sensors.

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AKM Semiconductor's CQ-3301 and CQ-3303 are open-type current sensor using a Hall sensor which outputs the analog voltage proportional to the AC/DC current.
AMS' AS5047P sensors provide an ABI output that is an ideal replacement for optical encoders and resolvers in motor and motion control systems that enables dramatically lower system costs while still providing high accuracy performance
Standex-Meder Electronics MH04, MH21 and MH11/12 micro-power Hall effect sensors offer solid state reliability, low power consumption, and consistent activation points over a wide temperature range in a rugged and environmentally isolated package.
Omron’s next generation of proximity sensors provides reliable performance in industrial environments with innovative technology and quality components.

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Compared to typical humidity and temperature sensors in the industry the Telaire T9602 saves on the number of components used as it communicates directly with the controller.
Overview of the LTC2983 High Accuracy Digital Temperature Measurement System.
Including an infrared emitter, photodiodes, and signal processing IC, the VCNL4040 is ideal for a range of ambient light and proximity applications.
An overview of the VL610X technology.

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In this demonstration of a reflective sensing application we will show how the VSLB3940 Emitter and the TSSP4038 Presence Sensing IR Receiver can work together.
You might not always realize it, but you’re never more than 10 feet away from 3M Science. It’s in cars, planes, homes, clothes - pretty much everything. No wonder you use 3M Science over 100 times a d...
Introduction on HAL37xy family - Description of target applications - Working principle of Micronas 3D sensor technology - Introduction of new features especially for Modulo function and virtual custo...
Micronas is a leading supplier of semiconductor based sensor solutions for automotive and industrial electronics. Sensors and controllers from Micronas are used in high-tech products covering many dif...
Amphenol Advanced Sensors Telaire 6713 Series CO2 Module
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