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- XMOS is a premier provider of voice and music connectivity and control ICs. Our XS1 xCORE Multicore Microcontroller solutions have been the driving force behind the highest quality consumer, studio and broadcast audio equipment from over 200 vendors. Now on its second generation, the xCORE-200 family of Multicore Microcontrollers is pushing the boundaries of quality and integration - delivering premium quality music, and the most comprehensive Voice User Interface (VUI) controller solutions for IoT devices.

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Image of XMOS' xCore-Audio


XMOS' XHRA-2HPA offers 2 channels of high-resolution USB-audio for applications that include DACs, headphone-amplifiers, USB headphones, docking solutions, and more.

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Image of XMOS' xCORE-200 eXplorerKIT

xCORE-200 eXplorerKIT

XMOS' xCORE-200 eXplorerKIT contains everything you need to start developing applications on the powerful xCORE-200 multicore microcontroller products from XMOS.

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Image of XMOS' XS1-U USB Enabled Multicore MCUs

XS1-U USB-Enabled Multicore MCUs

XMOS' XS1-U series is a comprehensive range of 32-bit multicore microcontrollers that brings the low latency and timing determinism of the xCORE.

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Image of XMOS' Hi-Res: High Resolution Audio Processors

Hi-Res High Resolution Audio Processors

XMOS introduces xCORE-AUDIO™ Hi-Res 2 offers high resolution stereo audio interfacing to deliver precise output with low noise/distortion for soothing, high-quality sound.

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Image of XMOS' startKIT


XMOS' startKIT is a low cost, small, and easy to use dev board for the configurable xCORE multicore microcontroller products from XMOS.

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Image of XMOS' sliceKIT


XMOS's sliceKIT's flexible design kit makes evaluating and developing with xCORE multicore MCUs quick and easy.

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XMOS USB Audio 2.0 Solution

Ed Clarke, XMOS, offers a beginner's guide to the XMOS USB Audio 2.0 solution. Ed explains how the design uses multiple cores within an xCORE devices to deliver bit-perfect audio performance.

Building a basic DAC using the MFA platform

Pete Tasker, XMOS, shows how to build a simple DAC using the Multi Function Audio platform and the USB Audio 2.0 reference software.

Ethernet AVB, a beginner's guide

Andy Lucas, XMOS, explains the principles behind Ethernet AVB networking.

startKIT-What XMOS can do for you

XMOS startKIT developers explain the types of applications that xCORE multicore microcontrollers can be used for.

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