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Wurth Electronics

- Wurth Electronics is a leading manufacturer of EMC and Inductive components including ferrites, ferrite beads, inductors, common-mode chokes, transformers, connectors, etc. With an international network of ISO certified production plants, distribution hubs and more than 400 technical salespeople, we supply your global activities from design to prototype to mass production. Wurth Elektronik offers our customers solutions beyond the component. Our company philosophy "more than you expect" is a commitment to engineering support. Expect more!

Wireless Power Solutions

Wurth Wireless Power Solutions Thumbnail

The Wireless Power Charging Coils (WE-WPCC) product family continues further expansion of transmission and receiver coils. Learn More

USB Connectors

Wurth Electronics USB Solutions Thumbnail

Wurth Electronics offers solutions to electronic design engineers to find the right EMI/ESD protection or an interconnect solution for an USB interface. Learn More

WE-MPSB Series

Wurth Electronics WE-MPSB

Wurth Electronics' WE-MPSB series is the world’s first ferrite bead that specifies how it performs under high current transients. Learn More

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Featured Products

Image of Wurth's Aluminum Polymer Capacitor

Aluminum Polymer Capacitors

Aluminum polymer capacitors are widely recognized as an innovation in the field of charge storage devices. Learn More

Image of Wurth's Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Wurth Electronics' snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors are available with high capacitances and voltages, and are also available as non-polar versions. Learn More

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Image of Wurth Electronics MAX17681 Isolated Buck Evaluation Kits

MAX17681 Isolated Buck Evaluation Kits

Wurth Electronics' MID-IBMAX industrial Maxim iso-buck transformers for DC/DC isolated power supplies are designed for use in Maxim Integrated MAX17681 evaluation kits.

Learn More
Image of Wurth Electronics Incorporated's WE-XHMI SMD Power Inuctor

WE-XHMI SMD Power Inductor

Wurth Electronics introduces their WE-XHMI extreme high current molded SMD power inductor for use with DC/DC controllers.

Learn More
Image of Wurth Electronics WA-SSTII Series Steel Spacer Stud

WA-SSTII Series Steel Spacer Stud

Wurth Electronics' WA-SSTII series steel spacer studs are made with machined steel material with a gloss zinc-plated surface.

Learn More
Image of Wurth Electronics' Common Mode Power Line Chokes

Common Mode Power-Line Chokes

Wurth Electronics offers base nanocrystalline, high-current, base nickel-zinc, extreme bandwidth, horizontal, and high-voltage common mode power-line chokes.

Learn More
Image of Wurth Electronics WA-SNSN Series Snap-Locks

WA-SNSN Series Snap Locks

Wurth Electronics' WA-SNSN series snap locks are offered with a snap-in feature on both ends for easy fixation.

Learn More
Image of Wurth Electronics WA-SSTIE Series Spacer Studs

WA-SSTIE Series Spacer Studs

Wurth Electronics' WA-SSTIE series spacer studs are made with a machined steel material with a gloss zinc-plated surface.

Learn More

Tools & Support

Image of Wurth Elektronik Design Guides

Design Books

Comprehensive design books developed for engineers. Covering a multitude of Components, Applications, and LTSpice Methods. Learn More

Image of Wurth's Power Inductor 8 Design Tips

Design Tips for Inductors

A brief design guide with hints which should be considered designing and selecting power inductors for your DC/DC converter. Learn More

Image of Wurth Elektronik's Smart Transformer Selector

Smart Transformer Design

Off the shelf custom flyback transformers. For discontinuous mode flyback SMPS designs a clever online tool has been launched by Wurth Electronics Midcom Inc. Learn More

Image of Wurth Elektronik's Reliability Data

Reliability Data (FIT and MTBF)

One of our most frequently asked questions - Find all of our FIT and MTBF data here. Learn More

Image of Wurth Elektronik's Component Selector

Component Selector

Wurth Electronics has now released a revised and expanded version of the Component Selector helping users choose and simulate EMC Components, Power Magnetics, and Signal & Communication products. Thousands of users worldwide already use this free simultion software. Learn More

Image of Wurth Elektronik's IC Reference Design

IC Reference Design

Search thousands of reference designs of leading IC manufactures to ease your design process. Learn More

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MagI³C Power Module

MagI³C Power Modules

Duration: 10 minutes

MagI³C power design allows engineers to save development time in comparison with a discrete solution

WE-WPC Series Wireless Power Coils

Wireless Power Transfer

Duration: 5 minutes

Supports wireless charging anywhere, which is a practical feature for handheld devices including tablets, smartphones, MP3 players, and automobiles.

Wireless Power Coils


Duration: 5 minutes

The WE WPCC series offers a great solution to anyone who is looking into both or only one side of the wireless power transfer solution


Coupled Inductors for SEPIC Converter Applications

Duration: 10 minutes

Offers a buck and boost regulator function used in applications with a flexible input voltage range and needing a stable output of a specific voltage amount.

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MagI³C Power Modules - Magnetic Integrated Intelligent IC

Würth Elektronik eiSos offers high density state of the art MagI³C Power Modules. The video starts from a discrete DC/DC converter and shows how components are integrated into a module.

@AskLorandt explains: Rated current of an inductor

Lorandt explains what the rated current of a power inductor is, and also how the rated current is measured at Würth Elektronik eiSos. For this, he solders the power inductor on a PCB, and puts it in a test chamber.

@AskLorandt explains: Peak current capability of chip bead ferrites

Lorandt explains the inrush capability of the Würth Elektronik eiSos WE-MPSB series, and how the peak pulse capability can be measured. He also explains the difference from standard chip bead ferrites to the pulse stable WE-MPSB series.

@AskLorandt explains: Temperature influence of the saturation current for an inductor

Lorandt explains the influence of the temperature to the saturation current of a power inductor. First he uses the permeability vs. temperature chart, and explains the correlation to the initial inductance value.

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