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- Vishay’s product portfolio is an unmatched collection of discrete semiconductors (diodes, MOSFETs, and optoelectronics) and passive components (resistors, inductors, and capacitors). These components are used in virtually all types of electronic devices and equipment in the industrial, computing, automotive, consumer, telecommunications, military, aerospace, and medical markets. Vishay is proud to be a major partner with Digi-Key.

What color is it?

Image of Vishay's RGBW Color Sensor

Vishay's VEML6040 is an integrated RGBW sensor and signal-conditioning IC providing 16-bit resolution for each channel. Learn More

Isolated Photovoltaic MOSFET Driver

Image of Vishay VOM1271 Isolated Photovoltaic MOSFET Driver

Vishay's VOM1271 features integrated turn-off circuitry, eliminating the need for external turn-off components and a secondary side power supply. Learn More

Vishay Opto

Image of Vishay's Opto

Be in the know on the most recent Vishay optoelectronic products. Learn More

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Image of Vishay Semiconductor/Opto Division's VOR High-Performance Solid-State Relays

VOR High-Performance Solid-State Relays

The VOR family of SSRs from Vishay have a very low activation current which makes these devices ideal for embedded applications where it is desirable to drive relays directly from microcontrollers.

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Image of Vishay's VCNL4020C Digital Biosensor

VCNL4020C Digital Biosensor

Vishay's VCNL4020C combines an IR emitter, broad sensitivity photo diode and ambient light photo diode, a signal processing IC, and a 16-bit ADC in a compact 4.9 mm x 2.4 mm x 0.83 mm surface-mount package.

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Image of Vishay's Sample and Design Kits

Sample and Design Kits

Vishay offers its sample and design starter kits containing capacitors, resistors, and sensor starter kits to make the designer's component selection easier.

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Image of Vishay's VLMRGB6112 RGB LED


Vishay’s VLMRGB6112 is a high brightness tricolor LED designed primarily for interior automotive lighting, RGB displays and backlights.

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Image of Vishay's VCNL4100 Light Sensor

VCNL4100 Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor

The Optoelectronics group of Vishay today introduced their high-sensitivity proximity and ambient light sensor with long-distance proximity detection to 1 m.

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Image of Vishay Semiconductor/Opto Division's VLMU3510 UV SMD LED


Vishay's VLMU3510-365-130 is a ceramic based high-power UV LED with silicone lens for long life time.

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Tools & Support

Image of Vishay's Video Library

Video Library

OPTO video channel highlights products and technologies with technical demonstrations, product webinars, and featured products videos. Learn More

Image of Vishay's TSDP Opto

Vishay’s TSDP Receiver Series for Infrared Data Communications

The TSDP series devices described in this application note are suitable for receiving low-speed infrared data communications from 1200 bps to 9600 bps over a range of up to 35 meters using a single TSAL6200 infrared light emitting diode. Learn More

Image of Vishay's Opto Current Estimator

Optical Sensor Current Estimator

Current estimator to help determine how much current is required for your proximity sensor or proximity with light sensor applications. Learn More

Image of Vishay's Opto AGC Advantage

AGC Advantage Tool

Vishay tailors the IR Receiver response based on the remote control code and the type of noise you might find in your operating environment. You choose the AGC that works best for you. Learn More

Product Training Modules View All (9)


VEML6030 Ambient Light Sensor

Duration: 5 minutes

This training module will give an overview of the VEML6030 ambient light sensor as well as review applications which could benefit from this device.


VCNL4040 Proximity Ambient Light Digital Sensor

Duration: 5 minutes

Including an infrared emitter, photodiodes, and signal processing IC, the VCNL4040 is ideal for a range of ambient light and proximity applications.


VEML6040 RGB Digital Sensor

Duration: 5 minutes

VEML6040 could be used in smartphones, tablets, Notebook PCs, LCD displays, wearables, LED office and street lighting and concert or colored lighting.


Remote Control Infrared Receivers

Duration: 10 minutes

A mix of surface mount and thru-hole receivers including a very small package with an overall footprint of only 6.8mm by 3.2mm and a 3mm height in side-view.

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High Linearity Photodiodes for Small Signal Detection

White board demonstration showing increased reliability of high linearity photodiodes vs standard photodiodes. Vishay high linearity devices deliver fast response times in 3 low-profile, surface-mount packages for automotive & industrial applications

Infrared Emitters and Receivers in Light Barrier Systems

How do you stop an automatic garage door from closing if something or someone is in its path? Vishay's TSSP4038, TSSP6038, and TSSP58038 eliminate problems with fixed gain allowing customers to set the detection threshold at a specific level.

Photo Detectors – VBPW34/VBP104

The VBP photodiodes have versions which are sensitive to visible and infrared light. This short webinar highlights the key features of this family and identifies potential consumer applications into which, these devices could be designed.

VCNL4040 – Proximity and Ambient Light Digital Sensor

Features of the VCNL4040 include a selectable resolution for the proximity function, either 12- of 16-bit, the use of our patented Filtron technology to yield the best ambient light sensing performance second only to the human eye.